Special Edna Review of Sunrise Silents
Past review of a product from the former Sunrise Silents.
Sunrise Silents front covers

Top picture: CD Case Cover - Front.
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Sunrise Silents back covers

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First page of Table of content of that issue.

sample CD page from Sunrise Silents

Sunrise Silents has a growing selection of rare silent film magazines on CD for your collecting and research needs. If you are like me and missed out on your bids like from eBay, check out their section to see if they have what you want. Each magazine listed has all the pages in easy to read high quality scans. Navigation to any page is easy, as well. The CD-R discs works on both Mac and PC computers. While it is not like having the actual magazine, it is the next best way to having them. Check out their site today, which includes fun additions like this Silent Star Photo Album.
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