Special fan comment and details on Kevin Brownlow's new book and DVD!

"A Must-Have!" - Chaplin fan Rainer Mann
Alla ricerca di Charlie Chaplin

Top picture: Italian side cover. Below picture: English side cover without red paper band about the DVD.

'The Search for Charlie Chaplin'
'Alla ricerca di Charlie Chaplin'
by Kevin Brownlow
edited by Cecilia Cenciarelli

with DVD of 'Unknown Chaplin'
Kevin Brownlow and David Gill
from Cineteca Di Bologna - 2005

Review and details by Rainer Mann
(with added notes from ednapurviance.org)

DETAILS on Italian version
DVD and Book

Publisher: Cineteca di Bologna
with Thames Television.
ISBN 88-8012-326-2
Ordered from:

The three episodes of "Unknown Chaplin"
Part One - 'My Happiest Years'*
Part Two - 'The Great Director'
Part Three - 'Hidden Treasures'
(Does not included the VHS version introductions, like from Geraldine Chaplin.)

English Language
Removable Italian Subtitles
No chapters

Interview with Kevin Brownlow about the Making of Unknown Chaplin.
About 12 minutes.

Frank Scheide gives a talk about the making of The Count, from the Mutual outtakes. About 12 minutes.

Two Harry Lauders visits to the Chaplin studio (some scenes not seen in past releases). About 6 minutes.

"The three film EXTRAS are introduced by Italian text pages. Unfortunately you cannot skip them."

"The sound is mono 2.0 and in very good quality. The picture itself looks sharp (depending on the sources) but sometimes I could see some video jitter. I did see some typical video flaws and the subtitles (the names) are those from the old videotape, which were definitly created on video. But altogether, great DVD!"

'The Search for Charlie Chaplin'
"The book is in two languages:
Italian and English.

One cover is in Italian - text 160 pages in Italian.

In the middle of the book: The DVD "Unknown Chaplin"

Flip the book and you get on the other side:
The cover in English - text 148 pages in English. Red paper band is removable.

The book is illustrated with many pictures, printed in very good quality. The book itself is a paperback with good binding and printed on excellent paper."

"It is wonderful and
I highly recommend it!! - Rainer Mann...

See below Mann's comments on the book.

September 24, 2005 - About the book, 'The Search for Charlie Chaplin'
by Chaplin Fan, Rainer Mann

The book is made of roughly two parts: The first part tells the suspenseful and exhausting search of Kevin Brownlow and David Gill to get some Chaplin footage to illustrate an episode of their wonderful 13 part-series "Hollywood".

They worked on an episode about "comedy" and Chaplin was one of the main topics. They took some interviews and they needed to have some clips of some Chaplin movies to intercut.

Even the way how they got their interviews is very much exciting to read. And my god, just to read about their experience with Georgia Hale is unbelievable (you have to read yourself, how they describe their first impression of her!!)

"It was harder than they thought to get some clips but at the end they got some for their episode. And they got more than they ever dreamed about: Footage of Charlie Chaplin which was never meant to be shown in public!! And that was the cause to start a whole new documentary just dedicated to the "Unknown Chaplin".

The second part of the book, if you can say so, is more about the content of the series. Interviews are shown and some examples of the series like "The Immigrant" are explained. The book is like the account of a long journey consisting of many flights between London and L.A., the encounter of many strange but interesting people and their treasures and the struggle against egos of all kind.

Kevin Brownlow's writing is very personal, exciting and it was fun to read it completely in one piece. The whole day nothing but reading the whole book. It took me about 7 hours but it was worth!"

September 24, 2005 - Rainer Mann
note: The 'comedy' for the Hollywood series was 'Comedy: A Serious Business'. It includes Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Harold Lloyd and Harry Langdon. * 'My Happiest Years' has Edna Purviance featured.

This review and information is for the Italian version for this book and dvd.
It is available in
Italy and published by Cineteca Di Bologna and Thames.
Best played on a DVD player for both North American and European zones.

Links to people involved: Le Mani | Cineteca di Bologna | Charlie Chaplin | TalkbackTHAMES

This review echoes reports from other Chaplin fans, so again, a great addition to your collection. The Unknown Chaplin series has always been a must for any Chaplin collection, so great to see it finally on DVD. Also, the book isnot widely available yet. I have been told BFI has plans to publish the book and DVD in the UK in the future, but contact BFI to find out more. This page created by ednapurviance.org - LW

Special Note for DVD ONLY: The Unknown Chaplin DVD will be out from A&E Video in the USA and Canada November 29, 2005. Check this link for A&E information.

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Special thanks to Chaplin fans, Rainer Mann and also special thanks to Nancy Wu for A&E Video information.
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