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European Chaplin Books including Dutch, Hungarian, Portuguese and Swedish
HB - Hardback PB - Paperback
uno asplund uno DANISH - 1973
Chaplin OG HANS 81 FILM
By Uno Asplund
Samleren 1973
Hardback Edition with Jacket

213 Pages - Illustrated

Danish edition of the Swedish book "CHAPLIN I SVERIGE" with a special chapter dedicated to Denmark

DANISH - 1954
By Georges Sadoul
Forlaget Tiden 1954
Paperback Edition

191 Pages - Illustrated

Danish edition of the French book "Vie de Charot"

Charlie Chaplin Nans liv og verk
Charlie Chaplin
Hans liv og verk
By Peter Cotes & Thelma Nicklaus
Tiden Norsk Forlag 1953
Hardback Edition with Jacket
188 Pages - Illustrated

R.G. Du Bosch DUTCH - 1946
Charlie Chaplin
By R.G. Du Bosch
Germinal Reeks 1946
Paperback Edition

62 Pages - Illustrated

O.F. Heinrich DUTCH - 1932
Charlie Chaplin
Op de Inbrekersjacht
By O.F. Heinrich
G.B. van Goor Zonen 1932
Hardback Edition Without Jacket
96 Pages - Illustrated with Drawings

A novel for young readers
Ber Hulsing DUTCH - 1953
Charlie Spencer Chaplin en Charlie
By Ber Hulsing
Pegasus (Amsterdam) 1953
Hardback Edition Without Jacket

168 Pages - Illustrated

 Freek Neirynck DUTCH - 1991
De Kid
Uit het leven van Charlie Chaplin
By Freek Neirynck
Averbode 1991
Paperback Edition

96 Pages - Illustrated with Drawings

A Dutch Charlie Chaplin book for Children

Patrick Roth DUTCH - 1999
Mijn Reis Naar Chaplin
By Patrick Roth
de Prom 1999
Hardback Edition with Jacket
96 Pages - No Illustration

Dutch edition of "MEINE REISE ZU CHAPLIN", See German Section

Frederick Sands
DUTCH - 1978
Charlie En Oona Chaplin
een leven vol liefde (the story of a marriage)
By Frederick Sands
Teleboek bv 1978
Paperback Edition
206 Pages - Illustrated

Constant Van Wessem DUTCH - 1955
Charlie Chaplin
By Constant Van Wessem
De Gulden Ster 1955
Hardback Edition with Jacket
132 Pages - Illustrated

De Vrijbuiter DUTCH - 1978
No Author
De Vrijbuiter 1978
33 Pages - Illustrated

Chaplin Szemtol Szemiben HUNGARIAN - 1978
Chaplin, Szemtol Szemiben
By Szalay Károly
Gondolat 1978

Paperback Edition
309 Pages - Illustrated

Charles Chaplin PORTUGUESE - 1965
By Charles Chaplin
Translation and foreword by Antonio Lopes Ribeiro
Editora Ulisseia 1965
Paperback Edition
587 Pages - Illustrated

Martin Claret PORTUGUESE - 1990
Chaplin Por Ele Mesmo
By Martin Claret
Martin claret Editores 1990
158 Pages - Illustrated

O Self Made Myth Charles Chaplin PORTUGUESE - 1963
Charles Chaplin
O "Self-Made-Myth"
By José-Augusto França
Inquerito 1963
Paperback Edition
244 Pages - No Illustrations

Self Made Myth PORTUGUESE - 1989
Charles Chaplin
O "Self-Made-Myth"
By José-Augusto França
Livros Horizonte 1989
Paperback Edition
174 Pages - No Illustrations

Carlos Hector Cony PORTUGUESE - 1967
Charles Chaplin
By Carlos Hector Cony
Civilizaçao Brasileira 1967
Paperback with Jacket
402 Pages - Illustrated

A Vida De Carlitos
By Georges Sadoul
Livraria-Editora da Casa do Estudante do Brasil 1952
Hardback Edition without Jacket
253 Pages - Illustrated

Georges Saboul
A Vida de Charlot
By Georges Sadoul
Clube Portugues do livro e do disco 1961
Hardback Edition with Jacket
267 Pages - Illustrated

Portuguese edition of the French "Vie De Charlot"
Vasco Vidal PORTUGUESE - 1954
Charlie Chaplin
O Artista E A Sua Obra
By Vasco Vidal
Contraponto 1954
Hardback Edition with Jacket
95 Pages - Illustrated

SWEDEN - 1928
Charlie Chaplin
By Eugen Alban
Albert Bonniers 1928
Paperback Edition
123 Pages - Illustrated

Uno Asplund Chaplin I Sverige SWEDEN - 1971
Chaplin I Sverige
By Uno Asplund
Proprius 1971
Paperback Edition
204 Pages - Illustrated

Also comes in English version for our English readers.

SWEDEN - 1925
Chaplins Resa
By Charlie Chaplin
Wahlström & Widstand 1925
Hardback Edition without Jacket
105 Pages - No Illustrations

Historie de ma vie - French Edition SWEDEN - 1963
By Lars Fossell
W&W serien n°3 1963
Paperback Edition
105 Pages - Illustrated


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