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Chaplin Youth Collection created by Dominique Dugros and
A section of English, French and Dutch books for younger readers who like to learn more about Charlie Chaplin. All information on the books listed are for the books pictured. We will update the pages as new books arrive.
HB - Hardback PB - Paperback
David Jacobs
ENGLISH - 1975
Chaplin the Movies & Charlie
By David Jacobs
Harper and Row, Publishers 1975
Hardback Edition with Jacket
Same image on actual hardcover
Younger Readers 10 -14
143 Pages

Gloria Kamen ENGLISH - 1982
Charlie Chaplin
By Gloria Kamen
Atheneum, NY 1982
Hardback with Jacket - First Edition
72 Pages - Illustrated

For Young readers

Hard Back
Raj Sacranie ENGLISH - 1980
Charlie Chaplin
By Raj Sacranie
Hamish Hamilton 1980
Hardback Edition without Jacket
64 Pages - Illustrated with drawings

For young readers.

ENGLISH - 2000
Charlie Chaplin: Genius of the Silent Screen (Lerner Biographies)
By Ruth Turk
Lerner Biographies 2000
Hardback Edition
112 pages - Illustrated

For Age Group - 9 - 12

O.F. Heinrich DUTCH - 1932
Charlie Chaplin
Op de Inbrekersjacht
By O.F. Heinrich
G.B. van Goor Zonen 1932
Hardback Edition Without Jacket
96 Pages - Illustrated with Drawings

A novel for young readers
 Freek Neirynck
DUTCH - 1991
De Kid
Uit het leven van Charlie Chaplin
By Freek Neirynck
Averbode 1991
Paperback Edition

96 Pages - Illustrated with Drawings

A Dutch Charlie Chaplin book for Children

Lachmelone und Wackelstock
GERMAN - 1961
Lachmelone und Wackelstock
Das Chaplin-Bilderbuch
By Ernst A. Ekker & Sabine Dryer
Esslinger (Austria) 1993
Hardback Edition with Jacket
46 Pages - Illustrated with drawings

A superb illustrated Chaplin book for children

Charlie Charlot Michelle Humbert Nathalie Novi FRENCH - 2002 (Young Readers)
Charlie Charlot
By Michelle Humbert - Nathalie Novi
Desclée de Brouwer 2002
Paperback Edition
22 Pages - Illustrated with Drawings
Charlie Chaplin de vie en vie FRENCH EDITION (Young Readers)
Charlie Chaplin
de vie en vie
By Brigitte Labbé and Michel Puech
Paperback Edition - For Younger Age Group
64 Pages - Illustrated

Francis Bordat
l'oeil et le mot FRENCH - 2002 (Young Readers)
Charlie Chaplin
L'oeil et le Mot
(the eye and the word)
By Jean-François Martin

Mango Jeunesse 2002
Hardback Edition
44 Pages - Illustrated

charlie chaplin
SPANISH - 2005
Me Llamo... Charles Chaplin
By Luis Luque (text) & Carles Arbat (drawings)
Parramon 2005
Paperback Edition
64 pages - Illustrated

Me llamo..." is a collection for children from 9 years old, dealing with biographies of people of universal fame.


From the collection of Dominique Dugros. Created by Dominique Dugros, Emeline Charrier
and Linda Wada - A Very Special Thanks to Dominique Dugros for the collection and all his help, as well as help from Emeline Charrier. This section would not have happened without you.

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