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Tips on using the Chaplin Library Database
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Tips on using the Chaplin Library Database
The database is easy to use, but because I am still deciding how to deal with some books, a few items are listed in a temporarily state in the database at the moment.

Books with no authors name listed: For now, I have placed those under the listing NO AUTHOR. To find, just type in 'No Author' under the Author search space.

Books with more than one author: Some books have up to four authors. Wanting to keep things more streamline at the moment, I decided to just list these books under the name of the first author listed on the book. The complete listing of writers are on the detail information on each book.

Latest books in the database: Just click on the link under LATEST ADDITIONS.

Back Link: After each search, please click on BACK on the bottom of the listing to return to the main database search page.

E-books: This was a new section that was not part of the original database, I have e-books on a special page in the regular library at this link.

Full Index: While this link is a great way to see all the books in the database, I only recommend to people who have a high speed modem or broadband internet connections, due to the size of the file (nearly 600 books).

For now, any other issues you might run across while using, let us know. That helps in the development of the project to best suit this unique collection. Except for book updates, which I will do regularly, any changes in the database will be done overtime. Special thanks to Dominique and Garen for all their help. Hope you may enjoy our latest addition to the Chaplin Library.

From the collection of Dominique Dugros. Database created by Garen Ewing, Dominique Dugros
and A very special thanks to Dominique and Garen.

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