Chaplin OG HANS 81 FILM
by Asplund, Uno
Hardback edition with jacket (Danish)
Samleren 1973
213 pages - illustrated

Danish edition of the Swedish book "CHAPLIN I SVERIGE" with a special chapter dedicated to Denmark

Mijn Liv
by Chaplin, Charles
Hardback edition without jacket (Danish)
Gyldendal 1964
452 pages - illustrated

Danish edition of "MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY"

Chaplin Chaplin
Hans Liv Og Levned
by Eddy, Robert
Paperback edition (Danish)
Zinklar Zinglersen & c°1928 1928
115 pages - illustrated

In English, the title reads "Charlie Chaplin, his life and career"

by Sadoul, Georges
Paperback edition (Danish)
Forlaget Tiden 1954
191 pages - illustrated

Danish edition of the French book "Vie de Charot"

Charlie Chaplin
by TAK, Max
Paperback edition (Dutch)
Scheltens & Giltay, Amsterdam 1928
63 pages - illustrated

Collection "Groote Kunstenaars van het witte doek"

Charlie Chaplin
by Alban, Eugen
Paperback edition (Swedish)
Albert Bonniers 1928
123 pages - illustrated

Chaplin I Sverige
by Asplund, Uno
Paperback edition (Swedish)
Proprius 1971
204 pages - illustrated

Also comes in English version for our English readers.

Chaplins Resa
by Chaplin, Charlie
Hardback edition without jacket (Swedish)
Wahlstrom & Widstand 1925
105 pages

Min Ungdom
by Chaplin, Charles
Paperback edition (Swedish)
Norstedts Faktapocket 1985
180 pages - illustrated

Swedish paperback edition of 'MY EARLY YEARS'

Saminnsjag Charlie
Historien om en vänskap
by Epstein, Jerry
Hardback edition with jacket (Swedish)
Streiffert 1988
227 pages - illustrated

N.B.: Swedish edition of "REMEMBERING CHARLIE, Story of a friendship"

by Forsell, Lars
Paperback edition (Swedish)
W&W 1953
120 pages - illustrated

by Fossell, Lars
Paperback edition (Swedish)
W&W serien no.3 1963
105 pages - illustrated

Charlie Chaplin
Hans liv og verk
by Cotes, Peter
Hardback edition with jacket (Norwegian)
Tiden Norsk Forlag 1953
188 pages - illustrated

This book is written by two authors: Peter Cotes and Thelma Niklaus. We listed under the first name listed on the book.

Chaplin Og Chaplinismen
by Meyerhold, Vsevolod
Paperback edition (Norwegian)
Cappelens forlag 1964
46 pages

No illustrations.

Collection "Mote med Chaplin"
by Thaugland, Calli
Paperback edition (Norwegian)
Gyldendal Norsk Forlag 1982
110 pages - illustrated