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Eric James (1913 - 2006)
Music Composer
August 11, 1913 - March 28, 2006

Charlie Chaplin's Music Associate
Music Composer and Conductor
Between 1956 - 1976
Special page by Linda Wada, ednapurviance.org

Re-released Films between 1950's - 1970's
First National Films
The Kid
Pay Day
A Dog's Life
Idle Class
Shoulder Arms
A Day's Pleasure
The Pilgrim

United Artists Films
The Circus
A Woman of Paris

Also, music for six of the Essanay films restored by David Shepard during the 1990's, a 'King in New York'
(solo piano piece for film) and 'A Countess of Kong Kong'.

Eric James: A Musical Era Passes...

"As the last notes died away, Charlie positively beaming with pleasure, got to his feet, put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Eric, you done a good job. You may may write your own screen credit." I hesitated and then cheekingly suggested, "Music written and composed by Eric James in spirte of Charlie Chaplin." Fortunately, he laughed heartily and I subsequently suggested, "Eric James - Music Associate." Charlie accepted this immediatelly and said, "It shall be a half plate credit and it shall follow my own full plate credit."- Eric James, Making Music with Charlie Chaplin

Eric James died in Whitby, Ontario, Tuesday, March 28, 2006. Mr. James suffered a heart attack in January 2006, and had been under special care since that event. He was 93 years old.

He will be missed by his family and many friends, and by the people who have enjoyed his musical work with Charlie Chaplin. The music will always be known as Chaplin's but it was Eric who helped Chaplin capture his ideas on paper and develop it to the music we all enjoy today.

Over the years with Chaplin, Eric worked with two other Erics, Eric Spears and Eric Rogers. Eric Spears worked with Mr. James on arranging music like for 'The Kid' and Eric Rogers orchestrated and conducted.

Peter Hitchcock had this special page for you to learn more about Eric. And there was a iMovie video of Eric speaking about Chaplin at this link, but the video and images appear to have been taken down.

Here is The Independent from the UK with the obituary.

Also, Mr. James' book "Making Music with Charlie Chaplin" is a great place to learn about Eric's experience with Chaplin.

Special Thanks to Peter Hitchcock and our best to all his family and friends...
Linda Wada and Dominique Dugros


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