Top Image - Last Edit
The top image shows Edna, Henry and the bellboy in the scene at the hotel.
This scene exists in the last edited film, including the Shepard Image edited film.

Bottom Image - 1950s Reissue
But this whole clip with Edna, Henry and the bellboy doesn't exist in the
British reissue. I decided to re-read Theodore Huff's book from 1951, to see if he clearly mentions this scene. He does not. Chaplin did need another scene after removing most of the mother's background story in his last edited film.

Update: Here are the images that show details of the scene Chaplin edited out of his last edited version of 'The Kid.' This scene explains the background of 'the Kid's' parents. Edna is clearly a star being guest at a party. The father, played by Carl Miller, is now said to be a dress designer instead of painter. With this scene gone from the final edited early 1970s version of the film, I think Chaplin placed in the Bellboy scene as his solution in covering this large of edit. None of these scenes are in the final edited version of The Kid. This scene is in this British edition and in the out-of-print Image Entertainment version of 'The Kid.'

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