Charlie! Music of Charlie Chaplin from the Classic Films of Charles Chaplin
New Orchestral Arrangements - The Munich Symphony Orchestra Conducted by Francis Shaw - 1993.
Label - Silva America

Fransic Shaw

Pictured is the CD version.
NOTE: If you can, please check with seller for track list.

1. Eternally - from 'Limelight'
2. Fox-trot - 'from The Idle Class'
3. Mandolin Serenade - from 'A King of New York'
4. Weeping Willows - from 'A King of New York'
5. Peace Patrol - from early Chaplin piece
6. Love Song - from 'The Freak'
7. Rumba - from 'Monsieur Verdoux'
8. Bitterness Tango - from 'Monsieur Verdoux'
9. A Paris Boulevard (Can-Can) - from 'Monsieur Verdoux'
10. Medley from 'Modern Times': Smile, Charlie's Dance, Toy Waltz, In the City
11. There's Always One You Can't Forget
12. Napoli March - from 'The Great Dictator'
13. Beautiful Wonderful Eyes - from 'City Lights'
14. This Is My Song - from 'A Countess From Hong Kong'

The one pictured is from the CD version.
I presently own the 1993 cassette tape of this collection.

It is an Import and could be hard to find in the US.

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