Charlie Chaplin - Soundtracks of his Famous Movies
Label - Nostalgia

Fransic Shaw

Charlie Chaplin - Soundtracks of his Famous Movies

Modern Times
1. Overture
2. Lunchtime
3. The Workers Demonstrate
4. A Huge Meal, Thanks to the Police
5. Skating in the Big Store
6. A Nonsense Song

City Lights
8. Overture
9. Unveiling the Statue
10. The Violet Seller
11. At the Night Club
12. The Blind Flower Girl, Again
13. Misfortunes of a Street Cleaner
14. The Burden of Poverty
15. Hopes of Riches

Gold Rush
16. Overture
17. Road to Fortune
18. Delicious Dish: Boiled Boot
19. The Bread Rolls Ballet

The Circus
20. Song Title: Swing Little Girl
21. Circus Fanfare
22. Pursuer Pursued
23. A Magician Exposed
24. Love at First Sight
25. Clown's Apprentice
26. Song Title: Orchestral Version
27. Intruder in the Lion's Cage
28. Love's Disillusion
29. Tightrope Walker
30. Finale

Information and image from my personal collection.
Nice one to have, if you want the original film music.
It has Chaplin singing, 'Swing Little Girl', 'The Nonsense Song', the 'Smile' theme, and 'The Violet Seller' theme.

This one is getting harder to find and may have to order used.
I have the Amazon link which you could check to see when available. Also check eBay.

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