Little Tramp (Charlie Chaplin) - The Musical
Label - Warner Music UK 1992
Produced by David Pomeranz Stevens

Music and Lyrics - David Pomeranz
with Mel Brooks, Petula Clark, Tim Curry, Peter Duncan, Richard Harris, Leonard Kirby, Johnny Logan, David Pomeranz, Lea Salonga, Mel Smith, Treat Williams

Davis City Lights

List of tracks

1. In America Again
2. Something No One Can Ever Take Away
3. When the World Stops Turning
4. Number One
5. 'Less it Ends with a Chase
6. The Tramp/He's Got to Be Someone
7. Chaplin Films
8. Thank You
9. Heaven
10. He's Got to be Someone (Reprise)
11. Too Many Words
12. I Got Me a Red/There's Got to be a Law
13. This is What I Dreamed
14. Finale

Information from my personal copy.
Rare. Produced in the UK.
(note: Musical apparently never was produced on the stage.)

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