A Brief Glimpse

I will be placing one item on this special page called 'A Brief Glimpse'. The item will be from my research file and will appear for a short period of time before it is replaced with a new one. The items may cover Edna, Charlie or any related subject to them. I will mention the latest Brief Glimpse at Edna's Place (a blog site for Edna Purviance).

Little Movie
BG - Number #6 - March 14, 2006

Over a year before I created ednapurviance.org, but was heavily into research, I started learning some of the basic film programs available at that time. This little movie was one of my first tries in the fall of 2000. I can not remember the program I used, but this was created with stills and some video footage I created from Chaplin's book 'My Life in Pictures'. I can say, the film once saved never was quite the same as it was created, but close enough for this.

Created just for fun and set to music, this little 2 minute piece about Charlie Chaplin covers just a few highlights and has a mention of Edna. Just click on your browser REFRESH to see again.

Past - 'Brief Glimpse'
Feb. 05, 2006 - BG - Number #1 - 'A Woman of Paris' ad with graphic of Edna
Feb. 12, 2006 - BG - Number #2 - Drawing of Chaplin and Swain from 'The Gold Rush'
Feb. 18, 2006 - BG - Number #3 - Murial of Chaplin in Niles, California
Feb. 28, 2006 - BG - Number #4 - Rare scene from The WOW WOWs with Chaplin center stage
Mar. 08, 2006 - BG - Number #5 - Charlie and Edna in Sunnyside


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