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Special Valentine's Day Article from
January 19, 2006 - Remembers Edna and Charlie

Photo of Edna from Elaine Pommerening, courtesy of the Lovelock Chamber
Special Thanks to the Lovelock Review-Miner for permission to use.

Lovelock's own Edna Purviance is their leading lady of the Silent Film era. Edna and Charlie are remembered in this special Valentine's Day article for Lovelock. Readers are asked to send in their love stories.

The Lovelock Review-Miner was publishing when Edna still lived in Lovelock, before she left for San Francisco in July 1913. It is special to see this newspaper still going today.

One note of correction: sadly, Edna's home does not exist in Lovelock anymore. It was torn down about 1946 by the owners of The Up to Date Laundry. The Up to Date Laundry building still stands next to where the Purviance family home (a small hotel) was located. The laundry building was never owned by the Purviance family. (Links: Edna's home below.)

Special Thanks to all The Lovelock Review Miner staff and editor at the paper for allowing us to share the article for our readers.

Also special thanks to Elaine Pommerening, The Lovelock Chamber.

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