The Sea Gull

First book about Charlie Chaplin's
lost film production

by Linda Wada

“It is an important contribution to film history...
This book provides the nearest experience we
will have to seeing it.”
- Kevin Brownlow

Film directed by Josef von Sternberg
Story by Josef von Sternberg
Produced by Charles Chaplin
Filmed at Chaplin Studios
with location shoot in Monterey

Starring Edna Purviance
with Eve Sothern, Raymond Bloomer
and Gayne Whitman

Shooting schedule late January - May 1926
12 Day on location shoot in Monterey Bay and Carmel
Harry Crocker helped with Monterey locations
Other location shoots around Los Angeles area
Edited during June 1926
Film had two titles before 'A Woman of the Sea'
One private showing late June/early July 1926
Film never released

Cast of "A Woman of the Sea"

Edna Purviance
- played Joan (half-sister to Magdalen)
Daughter of a fishermen, her mother died leaving her helping her father with the business. Joan had dreams of leading a different life, one day, away from the village.

Eve Sothern
- (sometimes spelled Southern) - played Magdalen (half sister to Joan) Same father as Joan, but her mother died too. Both Joan and Magdalen helped their father with the fishing business. Magdalen was planning to marry one of the local fishermen, but that was more other peoples dreams, not Magdalen's.

Raymond Bloomer
- played fishermen Peter Worth - He worked with their father. Peter and Magdalen were planning to marry, but Magdalen couldn't see herself being a fisherman's wife.

Gayne Whitman
- played a writer - He was visiting the village with his business partner and met Joan and Magdalen. It was Magdalen who makes the decision to run off with him to the city.

Charles French
- plays the father to Magdalen and Joan. (Charles French also played in the Chaplin film "A Woman of Paris" 1923)

The Sea Gull was Josef von Sternberg's first film after directing at MGM in 1925. His first film was his low budget film, The Salvation Hunters.

“The Sea Gull” is the only “lost” film ever produced by Charlie Chaplin. Also known as “A Woman of the Sea,” the film starred Edna Purviance, Chaplin's leading lady for over 30 films.

The unreleased 1926 silent film was written and directed by Josef von Sternberg, who later became famous for “The Blue Angel.”

This book contains 55 newly-discovered production still photos from the film, with 49 accompanied by the title captions used in the story, all presented in a special 50 page gallery, re-telling the story of the film.

“The Sea Gull” also features extensive new information about Edna, with never-before-seen family photos. Features over 100 previously unpublished photos.

The book is researched and written by Linda Wada, with the full support of Lita and Ellie Hill, Edna’s grand nieces.

About book:
Softbound (Paperback) - 8-1/2" x 11", full color, 132 pages, printed 80# quality paper stock

See for details.
Book published by Leading Ladies 2008
Book Design and layout by Wes Wada, Wadaworks

Reviews and comments
Information about the storyline was gathered by Edna's photo collection (Hill Family Collection), the surviving shooting schedule (Chaplin Archives), the film title list (Chaplin Archives) and many other sources.


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