Edna's October Surprise!
And the Winner is!!!

To celebrate Edna Purviance's 10th year on the web, starting in 2011
I will have a series of drawing with special 'letter size' prizes planned.
Details coming on Edna's website annual birthday, Nov. 25.

Here are the correct Answers!
1) Charlie's Hat Missing (I took answers related to that area)
2) Edna's button darker
3) Soup bowl empty
4) Charlie's (butter) knife missing
5) Edna's pocket missing
6) Beads missing
7) Charlie's cane missing
8) Wall pattern different behind Edna (or designed moved)

Here is some entry info for this drawing:

1) 62 people entered correctly, but only 36 had all the correct answers.
Those 36 names were entered in the drawing today.
(Another 28 were disqualified for incorrect information on email.)

2) List of countries in today's drawing included: United States, Germany, Japan, Romania, France, Canada, Australia, Sweden

3) The prize is something I never given away, or sold, before. It will be dedicated to the winner, with date and name of event and signed.

4) Winner will not see this prize, until they get it in the mail. (That is the surprise.)

5) Once they receive it, I will share the prize won on the web.

The changed image is only for this contest and not met to be reproduced anywhere else.
The special '8 differences' event inspired by The Rainbow Orchid.

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