A Comedian Sees the World
by Chaplin, Charlie
Paperback edition (Chinese)
People's Literature Publishing House 2017
320 pages - illustrated

The Chinese edition with introduction, notes, and appendices by Lisa STEIN HAVEN. Link included under 'PB' icons but shows as 'unavailable' in this Chinese version. Check other sources for the Chinese version. The book is available in other languages.

Chaplin has run through Japan
by Chiba, Nobuo
Hardback edition with jacket (Japanese)
Seia Boh Company Ltd. 1992
254 pages - illustrated

Title Unknown
Year might be sometime 60-70's
by author unknown,
Hardback edition with jacket (Thai)
Publisher unknown 0
0 pages

Even with Chaplin on the cover, the illustrations inside don't represent Chaplin or his work. If anyone has information, we would be interested in hearing from you. Thank-you...

Charlie Chaplin
by Labbe, Brigitte
Paperback edition (Cambodian)
Sipar 2007
40 pages - illustrated

This book has two authors: Brigitte Labbe and Michel Puech. This is the Cambodian edition of a French book edited in 2004. See French section. All the illustrations are drawings.

Charlie Chaplin Stories
by Male, Sura Jnana Chetana
Paperback edition (Kannada)
Shankaranand 2006
46 pages

No illustrations. NB: Kannada language is one (out of 4) language spoken in India, especially in the Karnataka area.

Charlie Chaplin
Atmakatha, Sambashnam, Padanam
by Ajithkumar, P.
Paperback edition (Malayaham)
Black Books 2007
250 pages - illustrated

Atmakatha, Sambashnam, Padanam (Biography, Dialogue, Study)

My Autobiography
by Chaplin, Charles
Hardback edition without jacket (Korean)
Edited by Dongmoon-SA 1968
364 pages

No illustrations.

Thirai Ulaga Methai Charlie Chaplin
by Gai, Randar
Paperback edition (Tamil)
Santhi Pathippagam 2013
222 pages - illustrated

Story of a genius of the screen: Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin
Komedian Ternama (Famous comedian)
by Jade,
Paperback edition (Indonesian)
Edited by Elex Media Komputindo, Djakarta 2012
114 pages - illustrated

Jade (Text & Illustrations) - T. Nurdjito (Cover design) - Collection "Seri Tokoh Dunia" N°81 (Famous People Serie n°81) - No first name for Jade.