Edna Purviance Welcome to Paradise

The Charlie Chaplin Collection on DVD
David Shepard and Roy Export re-edited - 1990's
(Films where Chaplin did own the copyright)
collection out of print

September 2003

Linda Wada

Bonus Material with each film:
Disks included scripts, sketches of sets and publicity material


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Charlie Chaplin First National Collection

A First National Collection

Shoulder Arms
A Day's Pleasure
The Idle Class
Pay Day
The Pilgrim
Bonus: Nice and Friendly

This collection has all of
Edna Purviance's First National work.

Charlie Chaplin The Kid and A Dog's Life

The Kid and A Dog's Life

Home Movies of the
Chaplin Studio under construction in 1917

This was restored back to its 1921 release, with scenes edited out by

Rare scenes with
Edna Purviance.

Charlie Chaplin The Gold Rush 1942

The Gold Rush

Leading Lady: Georgia Hale

Interview with
Lita Grey Chaplin

1942 re-edited version with Chaplin narrating the story

Charlie Chaplin The Circus

The Circus

Leading Lady: Merna Kennedy

Bonus - Unused film scene from
The Circus shot at street location
with cafe scene

Charlie Chaplin City Lights

City Lights

Leading Lady: Virginia Cherrell

Bonus - Interview with Carl Davis

Charlie Chaplin Modern Times

Modern Times

Leading Lady:
Paulette Goddard

Bonus - Interview with David Raksin

Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator

The Great Dictator

Leading Lady: Paulette Goddard

Bonus - A sequence shot in 1918 which inspired the barber shop scene

Charles Chaplin Monsieur Verdoux

Monsieur Verdoux

Leading Lady: Marilyn Nash

Martha Raye had leading role as well

Bonus - like many of the other discs this one includes scripts, sketches of sets and publicity material

Charles Chaplin Limelight


Leading Lady:
Clarie Bloom

Bonus - Unreleased film of the flea circus routine

Charles Chaplin A King in New York and A Woman of Paris

A King in New York
AWoman of Paris

Leading Lady: Dawn Addams

Bonus - Footage cut from the film after its premiere

Chaplin conducting at the
King of New York recording session

Edna Purviance's starring role in
'A Woman of Paris'.

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