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Collection of Music CDs of the Film Music of Charles Chaplin
This guide is for the some of the Charlie Chaplin music available on CD. I have not heard all of these collections, but do have some I collected. The titles of the different CDs can be confusing, since many are just slightly different in name and has some of the same music recordings. Remembering CD covers can be the best way to remember which CD you are looking for. Note: I have started a LP section. This guide is created by

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Charlie Chaplin Music Releases CD MP3

Charlie Chaplin The Essential Film Music Collection
Label - Silva Screen Records
Includes Carl Davis's new Mutual Film recordings

This 2-CD collection includes Charlie Chaplin's standards Smile, Eternally, This is My Song AND the new Carl Davis recordings from the BFI Mutual Collection Film available in the UK and in the US and Canada. It will certainly be a great addtion to your Chaplin music collection. Released from Silva Records.


Carl Davis conducted new recording of Charlie Chaplin's Film Scores
Carl Davis City Lights

Charlie Chaplin City Lights - 1989/1991
Label - Silva Screen Records Ltd.
Roy Export Company Est.
with Carl Davis and The City Lights Orchestra

This is the 1989 re-recording of the original 1931 City Lights score recorded in London. A must for any Chaplin Collection!

It is hard to find in the U.S. but more have appeared on Amazon. See CD link for details. Also, ask your local music stores to see if they can order a copy for you. UPDATE: See new link below for MP3 version.


Carl Davis City Lights
Charlie Chaplin City Lights - 1989/2012
Label - Carl Davis Collection
with Carl Davis and City Lights Orchestra

Listening to the samples, this sounds like the MP3 of the 1989 recorded version. The 1989 recordings are my favorite of the Carl Davis recordings.
Charlie Chaplin Film Music by Carl Davis
Charles Chaplin: The Film Music - 1996
Label - BMG Classics/RCA Victor Red Seal
Made in Germany
with Carl Davis and Deutsches Symphonie - Orchester Berlin

This excellent CD includes Carl Davis's re-recorded Chaplin's music from The Kid, The Gold Rush, The Circus, City Lights and Modern Times. Available mainly in European markets.


While available at times at Amazon (listed as high or low, as shown here), you could ask your local music store to see if they can order a copy for you or check other used re-sell sites.

Charlie Chaplin Music on CD - Original Film Soundtrack Recordings
Charlie Chaplin Soundtrack
Charlie Chaplin Soundtrack
The Soundtrack Factory
Label - Disconform 1999
Original film soundtrack music

This is the original soundtrack music created by Charles Chaplin. Upon hearing, the information listing Carl Davis for the City Lights music, this is not correct. The CD below is the 2005 version of this same CD.


Charlie Chaplin Soundtrack

Charlie Chaplin: 'City Lights'
Label - Disconforme 2005 release
Import Soundtrack

While this is called 'City Lights', it actually includes music from Modern Times, City Lights, Gold Rush, The Circus and The Great Dictator. It is the original sound recording remastered.

It is the re-release of the City Lights CD listed above by Disconforme. The music listed is the same. Read the 1999 release for more details. Both versions have been discontinued.

Charlie Chaplin Soundtrack from Nostalgia
Charlie Chaplin: Soundtracks from his Favorite Movies
Label - Nostalgia
Import Soundtrack

This is the actual sound recordings from Chaplin's movies, Modern Times (includes the ending, Smile), City Lights, Gold Rush and The Circus. It only includes some of the music, not all the music.

This CD maybe available only used. MORE INFORMATION

Soundtrack Nostalgia

Charlie Chaplin: Modern Times and The Others Original Movies Hits
Label - Old Fashion trademark of Creativa
Italian Release

Link to A&R Productions in Italy. MORE INFORMATION

Talkies: Charlie Chaplin, Volume 2 (Soundtrack)
Label - Blue Moon
Import - 2004 Release

More information coming.

Charlie Chaplin Musiques de Films
Label - Forever Go
Import - 2006 Release

This is over 60 minutes of the orginal sound recordings.

Charlie Chaplin Soundtrack Music on LP Records - At times available

Charlie Chaplin: Modern Times
Label - United Artist (LP Record)
with Charlie Chaplin and Alfred Newman

This is not NOT a CD but the United Artists original recorded release of the music from ModernTimes, as directed by Charlie Chaplin and Alfred Newman. Only available used. Link to watch if you wish to buy this record.

Les Musiques des Films de Charlie Chaplin
Label - Vogue 1983 (VINYL)
Recorded in France and printed in West Germany
with conductor Michel Villard and his orchestra

More information coming. CD pictured but link to LP edition.

Charlie Chaplin Music - Other Musicians Collections
Thomas Beckmann
Charlie Chaplin (Germany)
Oh! That Cello
Label - Jaro Records 1989
with Thomas Beckmann

Link goes to a CD that is available by Baby CD.

Oh! That Cello - Charlie Chaplin
Charlie Chaplin
Oh! That Cello
Label - Zebra Records 1998
with Thomas Beckmann and Johannes Cernota

Charlie Chaplin Music
Charlie Chaplin
Music of Charlie Chaplin
Label - BMG 1998 (Import)
with Francis Shaw and Bavarian Symphony Orchestra

Charlie Chaplin
Chaplin The Movie

Chaplin (The Movie)
Music from the 1992 film
Label - Sony 1992
with John Berry

SoundTrack from the Richard Attenborough's film about Chaplin.


Chaplin The Movie
Smile - The Music of Charlie Chaplin
The Music of Charlie Chaplin
Label -Pony Canyon 2002
with Walter Lang Trio

Smile - The Music of Charlie Chaplin
Suite Chaplin
A Música de Chaplin
Lua Music 2005
with João Carlos Assis Brasil

CD link to MP3 Album of this collection.


Les Musiques des Films de Charlie Chaplin
Label - Vogue 1983
Recorded in France and printed in West Germany
with conductor Michel Villard and his orchestra

Available in CD, used only.

Chaplin: Film Music (France)
Label - BMG International 1998
Import Soundtrack
with Michel Villard arranged and conducted

12 Chaplin Compositions. Recorded in France.

A Tribute to Charlie Chaplin Stanley Black
Stanley Black
*A Tribute to Charlie Chaplin
Label - Dutton Vocalion
Import Soundtrack available in America
with the London Festival Orchestra & Chorus

This double CD collection released in October 2005 has the 'ATribute to Charlie Chaplin' , (see more pictured below),* included with Stanley Black's 'Dimensions in Sound'. With the one listed below rare, this one is a very good value.

This one is available at Amazon. (link to right)


A Tribute to Charlie Chaplin Stanley Black
Stanley Black
A Tribute to Charlie Chaplin
Label - London
Import Soundtrack
with the London Festival Orchestra

Originally released LP from England, I have found this available on CD.

The Stanley Black Collection includes the following songs:
Smile, Bound for Texas, Morning Promenade, The Great Dictator Theme, This is My Song, Mandolin Serenade, Limelight Theme (Eternally), Green Lantern Rag, and more.

You might try searching (MusicStack Music Marketplace). They did have CD copies available from France. I do not know anything about them, but their site appears to be a good place to search for out-of-print music..

Francis Shaw

Music from the Classic Films of Charles Chaplin
Label - Silva America
New Orchestral Arrangements with Munich Symphony Orchestra
Conducted by Francis Shaw


CHAPLIN - The Musicals
Little Tramp the Musical
Little Tramp - The Musical (UK)
Label - Warner Music UK 1992
with music and lyrics created by David Pomeranz

Apparently never making it to the stage, Little Tramp is captured on this rarely seen CD. All original score by David Pomeranz with Mel Brooks, Petula Clark, Tim Curry, Peter Duncan, Richard Harris, Leonard Kirby, Johnny Logan, David Pomeranz, Lea Salonga, Mel Smith and Treat Williams. Rare, so look for it used.


Chaplin - The Musical (Original Broadway Cast)
Label - Song Masterworks (2013)
the Broadway Cast Recording

Starring Rob McClure as Chaplin, the muscial played on Broadway the fall of 2012.

Instrumental Collections - Include Chaplin's Smile and/or Limelight Theme

The Hollywood Cello: Concert works by
film composers from the Golden Era
Label - Soundset Recordings
with Gregory Hamilton, Robert Hamilton, Kate Hamilton

Includes Charles Chaplin pieces; Smile, Peace Patrol, Oh That Cello! Follow links to hear samples.

The Alice Artzt Guitar Trio
Label - GRI Music (Canada)
with Alice Artzt, Raymond Burley, Michel Rutscho

This guitar collection (that includes music from Bernstein and Gershwin) has several sections from The Pilgrim, A Countess of Hong Kong, A Dog's Life, City Lights, Limelight and Modern Times (including Smile). Cover has Al Hirschfield drawings.

award winning themes
Lasting Impression
Label - Pacific Coast Jazz
with Rob Thorsen

Collection includes Smile. The link to the right also has samples to listen too. Available on CD and MP3.

award winning themes
Jazz Therapy, Volume 1: Smile
Label - Motema Music
with Gene Bertoncini and Roni Ben-Hur

Collection includes Smile. The link to the right also has samples to listen too. Available on CD and MP3.

award winning themes
Award Winning Movie Themes - The 50's
Label - Michelle Records
with London Pops Orchestra

Includes Smile and the Limelight Theme. The link to the right also has samples to listen too.

Le Cinema Godon Kremer
Charlie Chaplin
Le Cinema
Label -Elektra/Asylum
with Gidon Kremer and Berlin Symphony Orchestra

Ten different cinema scores played by the Berlin Symphony Orchestra including Charlie Chaplin's composition 'Smile'.

Charlie Chaplin Le Cinema
Volume II Hollywood Greatest Hits
Hollywood's Greatest Hits, Vol. II
Performed by the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra
Label - Telarc
with Conductor Erich Kunzel

Collection of 17 movie soundtracks including 'Modern Times: Smile'.
There are also samples of all the songs at the Amazon link to the right.

Hollywodd Greatest Hits Volume II
Music from the Films/Film Encores
Label - Dutton Vocalion 2005
with Mantovani

Includes Limelight

At the Movies (Import)
Label - Universal/Spectrum
with Mantovani

Includes Limelight

Frank Chacksfield Beyond the Sea
Beyond the Sea - New Limelight
Performed by the Frank Chacksfield Orchestra
Label - Decca
with Conductor Frank Chacksfield

Collection of 22 show tunes including 'Modern Times: Smile' and 'Limelight: Eternally'. Originally recorded Chaplin's music in the 1950's and a longtime favorite. Frank Chacksfield version of 'Limelight' listed Number Two on the 1953 Music Charts.

Beyond the Sea
Ron Goodwin Collection
The Ron Goodwin Collection (Link NOT to this CD)
Performed by Ron Goodwin Concert Orchestra
Label - HMV (Easy)
with Ron Goodwin

The Ron Goodwin Collection includes 22 film themes including 'Limelight: Eternally'. Ron Goodwin's version of 'Limelight' listed Number Four on the 1953 Music Charts. Currently not available at Amazon, but here is link to Ron Goodwin's website where it is available in the UK.

If you are interested in Goodwin's film music, I have placed a link to the right to another Goodwin CD available at Amazon. Note: It does NOT include any Chaplin music.

Christian Lindberg
Songs for Sunset
Performed by Christian Lindberg
Label - Bis
play on Trombone

17 songs including 'Modern Times: Smile' and 'Limelight: Eternally', Terry's theme. There are also samples of all the songs at the Amazon link to the right.

Christian Lindberg

Cinema Serenade 2
Label - Sony
with John Williams, Conductor
Boston Pops
Composers include David Raksin

A collection of film music that includes Chaplin's 'Modern Times' theme 'Smile'. There is also a sample of the song at the Amazon link to the right.

Charlie Chaplin Le Cinema
Bobby Broom
Song and Dance
Label - Origin Records
with Bobby Broom

Very jazzy version of 'Smile'. Sample at this link.

Gold: Greatest Hits (Import)
Label - Universal International
with Zamfir

Zamfir is the well-known pan flute player. This CD includes his version of Limelight.


Raising the Bar
Mort Weiss
Label - SMS Jazz

A jazzy, solo Clarinet interpretation. Available as part of album or MP3 single.

Chaplin Film Music - Chaplin's Family Projects
Charlie Chaplin and the Fureys
Charlie Chaplin and the Fureys
Label - MK2
Produced by Roy Export
with Paul Furey

This CD was a project Josephine Chaplin promoted. It contains 16 tracks that included the voice of Chaplin with 'Nonosense Song', 'Its Love' and 'Life of a Sardine'. The CD is currently not easily available everywhere. Check shops that sell collectables. Avoid free downloads. Link to Amazon UK page.

Unforgettable Nat King Cole
The Unforgettable Nat King Cole
Original Recording Remastered 2000

Label - Capital
with Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole sang the original version of 'Smile' with the John Turner and Geoffrey Parsons lyrics in 1954. (The Chaplin melody from 'Modern Times' had no lyrics.) This 2000 collection includes the remastered 'Smile'. There is also a sample of the song at the Amazon link to the right. Fan reviewers lean toward this one as the favorite of Cole's greatest hits collections.

Unforgettable Nat King Cole
Nat King Cole Smile The Greatest Hits
Label - Capital
with Nat King Cole

Nat King Cole 'Greatest Hits' collection also includes 'Smile'. There is also a sample of the song at the Amazon link to the right.

Label - Columbia
with Glee Cast

Single MP3 version of 'Smile' copyrighted to 20th Century Fox. CD link to right goes to MP3 download. Preview available at link.
Old Friends
Label - Parting Glass Productions
with Donna Lynne Champlin

"Smile" is given both a country twang and an operatic overtone with winning results..." - Broadwayworld review
Nat King Cole Smile The Greatest Hits
Label - Pacific Coast Music 2009
with Jean Frye Sidwell

Original release 1998. CD link to MP3 album.

On the Other Side
Label - Telearc
with Tierney Sutton Band

Includes a "spare piano-and-voice" version of 'Smile'.
Rebecca Parris You Don't Know Me
Label - Saying It With Jazz
with Rebecca Parris

"vibes/bass format also supplies appropriately touching, intimate accompaniment to Parris’ hopeful take on the closer, “Smile,” immortalized by Charlie Chaplin" - All About Jazz

Madeleine Peyroux
Half the Perfect World
Label - Rounder UMGD
with Madeleine Peyroux

Madeleine Peyroux closes her new CD with 'Smile'. Check the link to hear a sample of her version.

The Movie Album
Label - Sony
with Barbara Streisand

Barbara Streisand's 'Smile' from 2003. The page on the CD link has a brief version of the song.
Robert Downey Jr. The Futurist Smile
The Futurist
Label - Sony
with Robert Downey, Jr.

This is not a Chaplin music CD, but Robert Downey, Jr. has recorded 'Smile' as part of this collection. Downey played Charlie in the movie 'Chaplin'.

Learn more about 'Smile'.

Nanny Assis Double Rainbow
Label - Blue Toucan Music
with Nanny Assis

Brazillian artist, with his Portuguese version of 'Sorrir' (Smile). Sample at this link.

Braguinha Songbook
Label - Lumiar
with João de Barro

Includes Brazilian version of Smile (Sorri).

Lyle Lovett Smile Smile
Label - MCA
with Lyle Lovett

'Smile' is Lovett's album collection of film music that includes his version of the popular Chaplin melody. There is also a sample of the song at the Amazon link to the right.

Rod Stewart Smile As Time Goes By
The Great American Songbook: Volume II

Label - J-Records
with Rod Stewart

There is a sample of the song at the Amazon link to the right.
Rod Stewart Smile HIStory: Past, Present and Future
Book 1

Label - Epic Europe
with Michael Jackson

With Jackson's version of SMILE. SMILE available as a single MP3. Video of Michael singing Smile.
Ronan Tynan The Impossible Dream
Label - Battery
with Irish tenor Ronan Tynan

Collection of 16 songs including Tynan's verison of 'Smile'.
There is a sample of the song at the Amazon link to the right.

The Impossible Dream

Westlife - Smile
BMG/S Records - Import
CD Single

Westlife has released their big band ballad style version of 'Smile'. Rarely available.

Smile by Westlife
Westlife Eternally
By Manfred Junker - German Klaiber
iTunes, MP3 de or Musicload

Includes Eternally and 'Smile' in the collection. CD link to MPG Album collection. Also, more information: More>
MP3 version

J Five

Modern Times (France)
Label - Pony Canyon
with J Five

For Chaplin Fans, you will find a very fun, upbeat rap version with the 'Nonsense' song from 'Modern Times' by J Five, a tribute to Charlie Chaplin.

J Five CD Link
CD Single Covers

Modern Times (France)
Label - Pony Canyon
with J Five

This is the SINGLE CD version of J Five 'Modern Times'. There are only three cuts on this single. Two of the cuts are J Five's version of 'Modern Times' 'Nonsense' song. See the links above to see the video and hear the song.

Also, this has been available in Europe, so check the international Amazon sites, eBay or other music DVD sites.

On the left are two of the possible covers for the
SINGLE CD on this item. The link to the left is where it is available at Amazon in the US.

J Five CD Link
nomma by Dave Randall
Slovo: Nommo (UK)
Label - RuffLife
with Dave Randall

Contents Charlie Chaplin's 'The Great Dictator Speech' in the track 'Di Wengi Sane'. Collectors item.


The Silents
Label - Atlantic 1990
Carl Davis with The London Philharmonic

The Musical Scores for Classic Silent Films.
J Five CD Link

Label - Carl Davis Collection
Carl Davis with the Wren Orchestra

Also available in MP3 Album or singles.

J Five CD Link

Label - Royal Philharmonic Masterworks
Carl Davis with the London Royal Phiharmonic

This is the MP3 single of the theme to the Hollywood Series, by Gill and Brownlow.

The Artist
Label - Sony Masterworks
with composer Ludovic Bources

"Composer Ludovic Bource s original music is brilliant and catchy in the spirit of Chaplin, Max Steiner and Franz Waxman and evokes the big romantic symphonic repertoire from the 19th Century." Amazon - Also available on MP3 download.

J Five CD Link


Creating the Modern Times score with David Raksin
David Raksin's interview talking about working with Charlie Chaplin on the Modern Times score. (Includes the theme music now known as Smile.)

and other lyrics of Charlie Chaplin

SMILE and other songs of Charlie Chaplin
This section includes the lyrics for Smile and other Chaplin songs.

and Buying

Charlie Chaplin Music - Collecting and Buying
Link to Edna's Place report

Youtube Video

SMILE - Sung by Geraldine Chaplin and her grand daughter Oona Chaplin

Link to Video

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Bernd Kunze's - Chaplin Album Collection
Check out Bernd Kunze's Chaplin site from Germany for rare Chaplin Music Albums to look for: Bernd's Chaplin Album Collection.

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My Autobiography
Charlie Chaplin Book Guide

Looking for a special book on Chaplin? Check out the Charlie Chaplin Book Guide. This is only a beginning of a growing section on Chaplin's books from the out of print to the recently published. Created by

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