Charlie Chaplin City Lights - The Sound Track Factory
Label - Disconforme

Fransic Shaw

City Lights (1931)
1. Overture
2. Unveiling the Statue
3. La Violetera
4. At the Night Club (suite)
5. The Blind Flower Girl, Again
6. Misfortunes of a Street Cleaner
7. The Burden of Poverty
8. Hopes of Riches
9. A Boxer by Necessity (suite)

Modern Times (1936)
10. Overture
11. Lunchtime
12. The Workers Demonstrate
13. A Huge Meal, Thanks to the Police
14. Skating in the Big Store
15. A Nonsense Song
16. Finale

Gold Rush (1925) - ep note: originally a silent film, no soundtrack
17. Overture
18. Road to Fortune
19. Delicious Dish: Boiled Boot
20. The Ballet of the Bread Rolls

The Circus (1928) - ep note: originally a silent film, no soundtrack
21. Song Title: Swing Little Girl (Chaplin sings)
22. Circus Fanfare
23. Pursuer Pursued
24. A Magician Exposed
25. Love at First Sight
26. Clown's Apprentice
27. Barber's Apprentice
28. Song title
29. Intruder in the Lion's Cage
30. Love's Disillusion
31. Tightrope Walker
32. Finale

The Great Dictator (1940)
33. Overtune
34. Conspirator's Meal

Total time: 75.34

All Music composed by Charles Chaplin, except La Violetera, by Maestro Padilla
1999 by Disconforme

PLEASE NOTE: A confusing note on the CD case information. The recording for City Lights do sound like the original recording from the 1931 film and not the recordings by Davis in the late 1980s, but they have listed Carl Davis as conducting music one through nine of City Lights. Davis did NOT conduct the original 1931 recordings of City Lights. So upon hearing this recording, with all its pops and cracks, this is a not correctly listed on the CD information. I would guess part of the overall confusion, on these collections.

Information and image from my personal collection.
It has Chaplin singing, 'Swing Little Girl', 'The Nonsense Song', the 'Smile' theme (listed here as #16 The Final - It wouldn't be known as Smile until 1954, when the words were added), and 'The Violet Seller' theme.

This one is getting hard to find and may have to order used.
I have the Amazon link which you could check to see when available used. Also check eBay.

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