Comments Over the Years

Here are just a few comments written in over the years.

"Well done! I am deeply impressed by the website, a moving tribute not only to Ms. Purviance, but to others in Chaplin's life (such as Wheeler Dryden) who have commonly been lost in the glare of CC's fame."   I am particularly impressed by the scholarly standards of the text, and applaud your efforts to document these amazing lives and careers with such care and accuracy.

Paul, Fan

"Josephine Chaplin was very touched by all your explanations of how much her father's work means to you."

Kate Guyonvarch, Association of Charlie Chaplin

"I was delighted to view your web site on Edna Purviance - it was wonderful."

Elaine Pommerening - 5th generation descendent of George Lovelock, founder of
Lovelock, Nevada

"I would like to congratulate you for the great web site you have, it's been in my favourite pages for years now."

Cecillia Cenciarelli, Chaplin Project Cineteca, di Bologna

"I've just found your wonderful site devored to Edna Purviance. Perhaps we'll meet at an Edna Purviance Film Festival in Lovelock one of these days."

David W. Toll, Nevada Magazine

"I was looking at your website, which has a link to the National Gallery in London.  You have some lovely photos and illustrations."

Linda - National Gallery - London, England

"The Edna site is stunning - and I really mean that."

Garen, Rainbow Orchid author and creator, (formerly Chaplin UK)

"What a lovely tribute you made to my late cousin, Dink [Reisner]."


"I happened to see your Edna Purviance website for the first time today, and wanted to congratulate you on an outstanding piece of work! I've been to the Lovelock and Paradise Valley locations, and it was wonderful to revisit them via your photos. The historical research is terrific too. Well done!!"


"Congrats again on your awesome site and keep up the good work!!"

Mark, Edna fan

"I like the work of Dominique, it is a real Edna's fan work! ...based on your own excellent research and work."

Thierry, Chaplin at Keystone, France

"I am extremely curious about my great-grandfather, Madison Gates Purviance. (Didn't even know his first name.)"

Lita, Edna's great grand niece...

"Thanks again for your terrific website.  It really fills a need in the Chapliniana world!!

Lonnie, Edna Fan

"First I wish to thank you for all the candid information you provided on the quality of Chaplin films available on DVD and VHS. It has helped me greatly."


"In last month I´ve seen again the Chaplin's Films and I've fallen in love with Edna, again" Thanks for your fantastic web.

Roberto, Spain

"Well Linda, stunning is all I can say! I just came across your site whilst doing a Google search & am incredibly impressed with the hard work & depth of information contained therein!"


"Thank you so much for this lovely tribute to Edna."


"Hi! Having grown up (18 years!) in Biggs, I found page 7 to be a wonderful insight into a part of my hometowns history. (Love the pictures too!)"


"I was a member of the Chaplin Society before it was shuttered and was so delighted to find the Edna Purviance sites while searching Chaplin sites the other night."


"I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading all about Edna Purviance. Thanks for the wonderful site!"

Evie - searching to see if she is related to Edna

"Greetings from Germany,
I've never seen a web site like yours! Congratulations.
I needed about 4 hours to read everything - if I did..."

Kay, fan from Germany

I want to congratulate you for the wonderful gift you gave me. There is no word to express what yor website represents to me, cause I'm a huge Edna's fan.

Daniele, Edna fan in Brazil

"I love this great web site!"

Alfredo, Edna and Charlie fan from China

"...I have found that Mister Dugros collection is, probably, the most complete in the world (even better than the ones of British Film Institute and the University of Berkley)"

L. Nepi, Ph. D. student, Italy

"Edna fans are the best, you and your readers are truly above average when it comes to caring about silent film stars."

Lisa Burks - LA Daily News

"Just a word to tell you my appreciation about your site. I am a big fan of Charlie since I was a little boy. I am now 44 and I can tell your stuff is real good. I am deeply impressed by the quality of each of your articles on your site..."

L. Poitras, Canada

"You website is quite amazing!"

L.N., Italy

Congratulations on a great site.


Her history sounds very interesting.

L.M., Texas

A comment a fan found on the web and sent to me about the Edna Documentary shown at Cinecon. I am sorry, I don't know the author:

"THE EDNA PURVIANCE DOCUMENTARY: This looks like a work still in progress, but remarkable interviews with Edna's great niece, herself quite the interesting lady. A nontraditional view of Edna, who did NOT pine away and die after her affair with Chaplin ended, but went out and lived a good full life and married the man of her dreams. I hope this one gets some walking money."


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