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Edna Purviance's .COM

Leading Ladies has published their first book called The Sea Gull. The book features Edna Purviance and about the lost Charlie Chaplin film production directed by Josef von Sternberg. The full color printed book features a special gallery with over 50 never before seen stills from the film, along with original film narrative.

Learn more at ednapurviance.com.
Reviews and Comments about The Sea Gull

Linda Wada Website Manager. Hosting Leading Ladies special Edna shop.

Edna Purviance's French Language Site

Created by Linda Wada and Dominique Dugros, this is ednapurviance.org translated into French! This site will have a special section which will have rarely seen French articles from the collection of Dominique Dugros. As ednapurviance.org grows, so will Edna Purviance's French Language site! Bienvenue!

Linda Wada Website Manager. Dominique Dugros and Linda Wada creators of this site.

Silent Ladies & Gents

This is a great site to see many of your favorite silent stars. The photo galleries on this site called Ladies and Gents show a wonderful collection of old photos from the Silent Era

There is a terrific Edna Purviance gallery as well as Charlies Chaplin galleries, which I have to say I have visited many times. The gallery is well organized and makes it easy to find your favorite star. There are 172 top silent stars and much more!

David B. Pearson-Website Manager and creator of this site.

Chaplin Museum

The Charlie Chaplin Museum Heritage Site is now called the Chaplin Museum.

The Charles Chaplin Family, with the help of a foundation, are turning the Manoir de Ban, Chaplin's home, into The Charles Chaplin Heritage Center.

Latest update: New investors have bought Charlie Chaplin's home in 2007. They have updated their website with the latest information.

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    Charlie Chaplin.com

    This is the official site of Charlie Chaplin. Set up by the Chaplin Family, this site is aimed at protecting the image and moral rights of Charles Chaplin and his work. If you plan any use of the images of Charlie Chaplin, this is the site to contact.

    Charlie Chaplin.com is authorized and sponsored by Roy Export Company and Bubbles Inc. S.A.
    The names of Charlie Chaplin films are protected under Roy Export Company and Bubbles Inc. S.A.

    Charlie Chaplin Archives

    This is the official site of Charlie Chaplin Archive, the official site of Cinema's most universal man. The Archives is connected with Cineteca del Comume di Bologna and the Association of Chaplin. Large online catalogue including film scripts, sketches, set drawing, manuscripts, photos and much more!

    Cineteca del Comune di Bologna - charliechaplinarchives.org

    Photoplay Productions

    This is the official professional site of Kevin Brownlow and Patrick Stanbury for distribution services, licensing services, and restoration of silent films.

    Photoplay Productions - Kevin Brownlow and Patrick Stanbury, London

    Chaplin's World - The Museum

    CLocated at Charlie Chaplin's Switerland home, it will be devoted to Chaplin and his career, Watch the link for updates on the project.

    Chaplin Museum

    This use to be the link to The Little Fellow, but the domain has been retired. I will leave this as a tribute to Lisa's site, and continued thanks for having me at her Chaplin Conference.

    My Visit to The Chaplin Conference in October 2010:

    An International Charlie Chaplin Conference - October 28, 29 & 30, 2010

    Lisa Stein - Creator of 'The Little Fellow' and her biography on Syd Chaplin will release in Nov. 2010 from McFarland.

    Then and Now

    This innovative site explores many of the former film locations of Chaplin's films in Southern California and the San Francisco Bay area. But it is not limited to film locations. The site includes stories, photos and videos on studio locations, birth homes of Chaplin and even Edna Purviance.

    Entertaining videos recreate Charlie's films in today world. There are also videos about Edna's and Charlie's hometowns. This is the site where I discovered that Edna was born in a town just a few hours from mine.

    Gerald Smith- Website Manager and the Chaplin enthusiast behind this site.

    Chaplin at Keystone - Chaplin French Site

    Out of France comes this inside look at Chaplin's Keystone Years! La Naissance De Charlot created by Thierry George Mathieu, is a fasnating magazine. Produced in France, it covers Chaplin's Keystone year between December 1913 and December 1914. Chaplin made and/or starred in 35 films during that period. This is one of the most complete study of the films during that period. The website has many interesting photos from Keystone as well!

    Création du site Thierry G.MATHIEU, Conception et développement Bounader Informatique, Réalisation Graphique Patrick PÉTEL

    Silent Era

    Excellent over all source about silent films! From silent films to silent stars, to what is available from books to DVD releases, this is the silent film headquarters on the web.

    Bernd Kunze - Chaplin German Site

    Bernd Kunze is the creator and Chaplin Enthusist of this wonderful site out of Germany. With many rare Chaplin photos, toy collections, record collections, stamps and much more, it makes for a very interesting visit even if you can't read German!

    And if you have an interest in Chaplin Stamps, check out Bernd site for a list of over 200 Chaplin Stamps from around the world! Also his newly update book list!

    Bernd Kunze - Website creator and manager

    Garen Ewing

    Garen Ewing, former ChaplinUK creator, has been very busy on many exciting projects these days, including using his terrific artistic talents in his original creation of his award winning 'Rainbow Orchid', a beautifully illustrated 1920's comic mystery adventurer set in Europe, about saving The Lawrence Family honor by finding 'a mythical' wild orchid. Garen's comic has been published by Egmont UK. His The Complete Rainbow Orchid is available his Garen's Rainbow Orchid Shop, or from many online retails.

    In Garen's intriguing story, Rainbow Orchid, Garen's love for silent films is shown with his leading lady being silent film star, Lily Lawrence, who is mentioned to star with Edna Purviance in Lily's next picture. Personally, I think it would be a great edition for any Chaplin Collection to have this classic original work from a truly devoted Chaplin Fan!

    Check out Garen's 'Rainbow Orchid' site to find out more about
    The Rainbow Orchid! Garen is currently working on more Julius Chancer Adventures.

    See below about his
    Charlie Chaplin UK DVD and Video Guide. Also, Garen Ewing wrote an exceptional article about Edna Purviance's film 'A Woman of Paris' a few years ago for his ChaplinUK site. Do check it out!

    Garen Ewing Interviews 2009 and 2013
    I am very please to present my very first interview with Garen Ewing. Called 'Imagination to Print' we talk about The Rainbow Orchid going from self-publishing to the release with Egmont UK. This is Garen's first auto interview.

    National Comic Awards Nominee Finalist 2004
    Fool Britannia Webcomic of the Year 2006
    British Comic Award winner 2013 - voted by the youth of the UK
    Published by Egmont UK 2009 (starting with Vol. One)

    Garen Ewing - Website creator, artist, writer and manager

    Hollywood Time Machine

    The Hollywood Time Machine has an interesting selection of articles including photos from Hollywood's golden silent era. More to come! Click on link to read an colorful 1920's article that was written on Edna by Carlyle Robinson, Chaplin's studio press agent.

    Mark Jungheim -Website creator and manager

    Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum

    The Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum was created to preserve the history of silent film making in Niles, California and at Essanay Studios. This was the town Edna Purviance first started her film career with the making of 'A Night Out' with Charlie Chaplin. The site includes some history on the area and the mission for a future musuem

    To learn more about the history of Essanay Studios, check out
    David Kiehn book Broncho Billy and the Essanay Film Company. It has an interesting history on the studio and a section on Charlie Chaplin while working at Essanay.

    Check the museum website for more information.

    David Toll - Edna Purviance - Nevada's Forgotten Movie Star

    Read the original article that introduced Edna Purviance to many people who didn't know Edna as Charlie Chaplin's leading lady. David Toll, the author of 'The Complete Nevada Traveler', first published his 'Edna Purviance - Nevada's Forgotten Movie Star' in 'Nevada Magazine' in December 1994. Since then, it has been read around the world via the internet.

    David has written for many newspapers and is well known for his work for 'Nevada Magazine', for the past 30 years. And if you are planning a trip to Nevada, check out 'Nevada Travel Network'. It includes place to dine and stay on your next Nevada adventure!

    June 2004 Travel Report - Thanks David!
    June 2008 Travel Report - Special thanks for the links & article for The Sea Gull

    David Toll - Edna Purviance - Nevada's Forgotten Movie Star
    The site is part of the Nevada Web network.

    Charlie Chaplin UK DVD and Video Guide and Shop

    Do you live in the UK? Take a visit to this excellent film guide and shop for Charlie Chaplin films available in the UK. Created by Garen Ewing for his former Chaplin UK web site, this informative and easy to use guide has been a favorite for UK Chaplin fans over the years. Garen has updated it with all the new Chaplin DVD and Video film collections available in the UK.
    (NOTE: Garen is currently working fulltime on his comic books and illustration work, so leaving the link up.)

    Garen Ewing - website manager and creator

    Mabel Normand

    Here is a fun site by Marilyn Slater all about Mabel Normand. Edna Purviance was a good friend of Mabel during her film career. Charlie Chapliln introduced Edna to Mabel in 1915. This site has loads of photos of Mabel! Some rare photos of Chaplin with Mabel, as well! Interested in Mabel? Take a visit!

    Marilyn Slater - webmaster and creator - Looking for Mabel Normand


    Learn more about Oona Chaplin's father at this very informative official site on Eugene O'Neill. For Chaplin fans there is a collection of photos of Charlie, Oona and their children. Check links for more information.

    Harley Hammerman, MD - webmaster and owner

    The Humboldt County Museum

    The Humboldt County Museum is located just off Interstate 80 in Winnemucca, Nevada. You will learn about the rich history from the early days of the fur hunters, to the travels of the wagon trains (the Donner Party passed right by this area) and the history of the first US transcontinental railroad. You will find a small collection on Edna Purviance. This is just one place to start your visit to Paradise Valley.

    For more information, check the web under Humboldt County Museum, Winnemucca, Nevada.
    The historian photos in ednapurviance.org site were used with perimission of the museum.

    Looking for a silent film near you?
    Check out these links to list of events in the U.S. and around the world.

    Silent Film Festivals and Events

    Silents are Golden Movie Screenings

    Kino Theatrical Release Section

    Silent Film Festival Links:
    Cinevent (Columbus, Ohio) | Cinesation (Last event 2013 in Massillon) | Cinecon (Los Angeles)

    Silent Films on television in the U.S.
    Check the schedule of Turner Classic Movies.

    Turner Classic Movies

    Live in the Western U.S.?
    Check out these theatres near you.

    Niles, California

    San Francisco, California
    Silent Film Festival

    Salem, Oregon

    Silent Film Series - Elsinore Theatre

    Collect Silent Films or Books?

    UK Chaplin Film Guide
    (Leaving link, as Garen is working fulltime on RO)
    Charlie Chaplin UK DVD and Video Guide and Shop

    USA Chaplin Film Guide

    The Charlie Chaplin Library - Over 700 books to browse

    Reel Classic DVD

    BFI - Charlie Chaplin

    CLASSIC FILM SITE - The Midnight Palace

    Other Silent Film Sites to enjoy!

    Edna May

    Mary Pickford

    Edna's Place - Blog Home for ednapurviance.org

    Edna's Place has continued on the web since October 2005, with many thanks to all our readers new and returning. You can visit at this link.

    Contact -

    This site started as a simple letter to Chaplin Society Chairman Stephen Burstin about my trip to Paradise Valley. It has taken many forms but with the encouragement (and continued support) from former Chaplin Society website Manager Garen Ewing, Dominique Dugros and my husband, Wes Wada, it is now ednapurviance.org.

    I want this site to be a place to learn more about Edna, her family life in Nevada and learn how this girl from The Great Basin became Charlie Chaplin's most enduring and endearing leading lady. And how she captured Chaplin, as well.

    Since coming online, I met members of Edna's family, produced the first video to feature information about Edna Purviance, discovered color and black and white films of Edna from her personal life, and produced the first book about Edna and her lost film production 'A Woman of the Sea' produced by Charlie Chaplin, and directed by Josef von Sternberg.

    Linda Wada- Website manager - Chaplin Society member - Edna and Charlie enthusiast.