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Silent Film Star Edna Purviance’s childhood Lovelock Home
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Photos: Marzen Museum, Pershing County in Lovelock, Nevada
Information from Linda Wada's Edna Purviance Research File

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1906 - Edna's home and hotel property about 1906. It was called Central Lodging at this time. Louise, Edna's mother, was married to Robert Nurnberger, who ran a plumbing shop at the back of the hotel.

Most of the hotel, like during Madison's day, was leased. In 1906, the name on the building was 'Central Lodging, Saloon and Club Cafe.

The family was still living at the lodging house during this time.

Photo: Courtesy of the Marzen Museum

Central Lodging - Edna Purviance's Home

Edna's Lovelock home, as it looked in 1910.

This was before her step-father, Robert Nurnberger, died in February

Number 2 was the lodging house. It was called Central House at this time. The front and upstairs was remodeled by Nurnberger.

1 was the French Laundry. In 1925, this building became The Up to Date Laundry and is still at the same location, but closed today.

3 is the Methodist Church Edna and her family attended.

Photo: Courtesy of Pershing County Records Office

Edna Purviance Family Home in 1910.

1910 - Robert Nurnberger Plumbing Shop. (circle with X) Robert build this business in November 1904.

In 1910, Robert was very ill, so the family leased the plumbing shop to George E. Wilkinson of Sparks, Nevada.

During Robert's illness, Robert and Louise spent many months of 1910 in the Oakland, California area at the Hill Family home.

Edna spent time in the bay area too, but also with her sisters homes in Lovelock and in Winnemucca during Robert's long illness.

The small slanted roof building (X) could still be on the lot, for a similar building still exists on the property today.

Photo: Courtesy of Pershing County Records Office

Robert Nurnberger Plumbing Shop

November 2002 - This is where Edna's home would be if it existed today. Edna's home was leveled by the owners of The Up To Date Laundry in about 1946.

The family who leveled the home did not know it was the Lovelock home of a silent film star. It was an old wood building in the 1940's with many small rooms in disrepair. It even had a fire in the upstairs at one time.

The building served its purpose of being a home and business for the Purviance Family, but it's time had come and it disappeared in the 1940's.

I'm still trying to find out about the tree on the corner, because if the age can be traced, it could be a living link to Edna's past.

Photo: Linda Wada, Edna Purviance Research File

Linda Wada Edna Purviance lot in 2003 Lovelock

November 2002 - Circled in blue is the remodeled plumbing shop that Robert Nurnberger once built. The roof was lowered and the entry changed, but the location of that section of building is the same as it was in the 1910 photo.

An article in the Lovelock newspaper did say the plumbing shop building was remodeled. I have all to documents on this building as well as the hotel property and lots.

The street location for Edna's Lovelock home was right on the corner of 5th Street and Railroad. Today the street names are 9th Street and West Broadway. The only buildings left are The Up To Date Laundry on lot 17 (which was a general store in Edna's childhood) and never owned by the Purviance family, and the remodeled Nurnberger's plumbing shop, where a plumbing business appears to be still there.

Photo: Linda Wada, Edna Purviance Research File
By Linda Wada, ednapurviance.org

Linda Wada Edna Purviane lot in 2003 Lovelock

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Edna's home gone in 2002

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