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October 6th - 1001!
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Chaplin look alike at the Mann on the Walk of Fame
Chaplin look alike at the Mann Chinese Theatre.
All Photos by: Linda Wada - Hollywood - May 2006

"Edna Purviance is a Star", is a group for high school and college age fans of Edna Purviance, has started a petition to get Edna Purviance a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

It is not an easy task with so many stars nominated each year. The cost is also high at $15,000 for a star on the Walk of Fame. But names need to be gathered to show interest in the project, as well.

I know Edna's fans are all around the world, so if you like to help, you can add your name to the petition at this PETITION DRIVE LINK.

"Edna Purviance is a Star" and"Edna Purviance is a Star" silent cinema group.

Charlie Chaplin's star on the Walk of Fame.
All Photos by: Linda Wada - Hollywood - May 2006

The trustees of this group are relatives of Edna: Katie, Liz, Melody, and Phil Purviance.

The group is administered by Mahendra PrasadMahendra Prasad also administers "Death to Talkies", a silent film group dedicated to silent cinema.  Mahendra Prasad, a graduate student at NYU, can be contacted at mrp313atnyu.edu or 1-215-429-1334.

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The goal is 1000 signatures

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Edna Purviance a Star:
Edna Walk of Fame Petition Drive

Here are some of the comments from Edna's SUPPORTERS!

"Many Chaplin co-stars such as Hank Mann, Martha Raye, Jack Oakie or Mack Sennett, among others, have a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Even Mildred Harris! So, Edna Purviance deserves hers, due to her unquestionable contribution to Film history. French Edna aficionados would be delighted to see Edna's star in Hollywood."
Dominique & Emeline Dugros - Founder of the Chaplin Library

"Edna had a natural talent and a natural personality. She never pushed herself as a star but holds a very important place in cinema history."
Garen Ewing - (founder of Chaplin UK) - UK Artist & Creator of Rainbow Orchid

"I highly support Edna's star being on the walk of fame!!"
Gary S. - Midnightpalace

"As great nephew of Mabel Normand I wholeheartedly endorse that Edna Purviance be given her rightful and proper recognition by the city of Hollywood at last. A great lady and star loved not only by Chaplin but by her millions of fans and colleagues in the early pioneering days of the motion picture industry." - The Revd. Stephen Normand

"I have always been a fan of edna,and she should have this great moment of glory, over 40 years after her death. I just wish there was any film of the woman in real life, to see footage of her talking, for instance would be incredable. I have just found out more about Edna thru this website,like her being a great musican. I can not wait for the books and films to come out about her, so that the world can remember and again fall in love with this wonderful young lady. May she finally be honored." - Michael J. McGettigan

"Absolutely - a lovely, thoughtful woman I thought no one cared about any longer - great idea & tribute" - William Marshall

"Charlie Chaplin's leading lady - much beloved in the silent film community. Her history is also the history of early Hollywood."
Stan Taffel - Cinecon

"Star should be placed near Chaplin" - Richard M. Myers

"Edna Purviance deserve this for all the beautiful things she gave to us. It's a shame seeing names like Britney Spears there(who has no engagemment with Cinema) and don't see Edna there." - Daniele Rodrigues - Brazil

"Edna Purviance brought so much laughter to the world and is still doing so that she should be remembered properly." - Ted Lu - Discover Chaplin

"What a totally cool thing!! Edna deserves it." - Mark E. McKenzie

Edna deserves respect & recognition for her work with Chaplin-his films would not be what they are without her presence and love." - Amy Two-Trees

"Edna deserves her star." - Fouad Aide

"Ms. Purviance, in my opinion, is far more deserving of this honor than many who have already received it. She is most assuredly an eternal part of Motion Picture History. Her lovely and sensitive work which added immeasurably to the work of the immortal Mr. Chaplin has earned her at least this much of a memento." - Marty Vale (actor)

"I love Edna's work, where would Chaplin be without her?" - Johanna Karlen

"Honour this wonderful actress with a Hollywood Star. England loves her!" - Gemma Harris

"Long overdue!" - Marc Chevalier

"Edna Purviance contributed immeasurably to the stature of Charlie Chaplin and to the quality of so many of his classic films!" - Dr. Andrew Knchtl

"Edna Purviance was a very wonderful actress in many of Chaplin's films, and no doubt, his best leading lady. Her absence from the walk of fame is not only a mark of disappointment for her fans, but a mark of ignorance for the group that makes these kinds of decisions." - Brandon Mahaffey

"Edna is the brightest star of all, deserves not one but a whole constellation of stars !"
- Victor Orozco

"Edna and Chaplin added more than just a milestone in cinema they added the sence of laughter and drama together in one group." - Joshua A. Stenkamp

I absolutely love Edna Purviance! To me, she will always be a MAJOR star!"
- Avi Nachshoni

Chaplin's leading lady. This is well deserved. She wasn't even an actress when she was first signed on, and she performed top standard of the day. That alone should be enough for a star." - Dale Maxfield

Good Lord, even Big Bird has a star!" - Camoron Innes

Edna, you've deserved this, for so very long." - Mr. Lynn Stewart

"She deserves a star more then many that have one already. A beautiful and talented actress who helped make Chaplin the great star he was. Give it to her now!!!" - Don Areinoff

"Edna deserves the STAR treatment!" - Albert Cavallo

Please consider giving this pioneer actress a star on the Walk of Fame. Thank you." - Scott MacGillivary

"Why oh why? What's the hold up???!!!" - Sean Eurich

How can she not?" - Amal Nur

I always show Edna in "The Immigrant" to my students in my film class and they always appreciate her performance. She is terrific in movies like "Woman of Paris" and "The Kid". From 1916 to 1924, I do not think there was a better actress in Hollywood." - Dr. Jay Raskin

"Viva Edna" - Egas Noniz Pascoal

"Edna may not have been the best actress in Chaplin's films, but she had an undeniable chemistry with him that hasn't been seen since. Unlike many actors and actresses, her charm was real. She couldn't act so she had to be herself on screen. Other actresses, although more capable of 'acting like' charming characters in front of the camera, were not so charming themselves in real life. Beautitful, charismatic, lovely, and real, Edna deserves this star for being one of Chaplin's original and great ispirations in film. She possessed natural sincerety, compassion, beauty, and an unpretentious attitude that gave a hilarious yet obnoxious outcast known as "The Tramp", the sensitive, romantic side he needed to become a legend."
- Ashley Williamson

This needs to be apart of Hollywood history!!!!" - Rhiann Atwood

When you see her you realise how much she contributed to many of Chaplin's early films. She was a beautiful and perfect foil for his comedy." - Paul King

"We want her on The Walk Of Fame!" - Joe Brand

Absolutely! I had NO IDEA Edna did not have a star, she totally deserves one."
- Donna Hill

She was the starring lady of Hollywood Greatest Icon Charly Chaplin No star would be a shame" - Johnny te Linelo

Richly deserved and long overdue! Edna meant a lot to Chaplin personally and artistically." - Steve Malkovich

"The best of Chaplin's leading ladies." - Thomas Mitchell

"Come on Hollywood, SHE IS LONG OVERDUE her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame." - Dawn Wirth

"Since the age of 13 I have been a fan of Edna, now, 6 years later, I wish I could have been alive to see her movies when she did. I love her acting, I love her performance, and let's face it, she's the most beautiful woman ever born." - Anthony Kaminski

"Well over due honor for Miss Purviance" - Matt Claus

It's a shame that Edna has not still a star on the Walk of Fame!" - Alessio Magddino

We haven't forgotten Edna!!" - Wm. Charles Morrow

Edna needs her own star. After all, Charlie Chaplin personally picked her to be his leading lady." - Jarid Jones

"Remember me when I am gone away, gone far away into the silent land."
- Susann Disbro Gilbert

"Time to step up and do the right thing. Edna earned a star 70 years ago, long before there was a WOF. Time to make things right, okay?" - Barry M. Grey

"Edna Purviance deserves her own star for the brilliant and delicate portrayals of her many characters." - Corie Melaugh

"I'm stunned that Edna Purviance doesn't already have a star. As a film history professor, I urge that this be changed." - Terence McDonald

"Though her time was many, many years before my own, I always think her one of the most beautiful women ever to grace the screen. Edna's chemistry with Chaplin is a big part of what made his early career. It's about time his greatest leading lady gets her long overdue star." - Chris Weber

It's refreshing to see so many silent era fanatics just like myself. Edna surely deserves a star!" - Kevin Hoskinson

"I was shocked-SHOCKED!- to hear she had no Star!" - Gregory J. Koch

"She was one of the most beautiful leading ladies of the silent era." - Carlos Lorences

Edna Purviance WAS a star and deserves this recognition." - Drew Orefel

"Edna Purvianced deserves a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was a Star and still is!" - Michael G. Di Giuro

"Edna Purviance rocks!" - Joonas Koski

"Certainly deserves one-for God's sake-Big Bird, and similar type undeserving characters have one." - Jeff Herzfeld

Just look at what she accomplished, that should be more than enough to obtain a star. Even if she does not get one, she's a star in my eyes." - Nicholas Gibbs

"A great star from a time when movie stars were larger than life." - Jon Lewis

She displayed tremendous emotion in the Mutuals. She deserves a star."
- Rachel Mekwunye

Recognition to Edna is well overdue." - Neal Rentz

It's easy to forget that in the Chaplin films at Essaany, Mutual and First National that his leading lady in over 30 of those films was Edna Purviance, an actress, who played an important part in his early successes. I also think that along with Bogart/Bacall, Flynn/De Havilland and Wayne/O'Hara that Chaplin/Purviance were one of the screens greatest romantic couples. She may not have been as good as Lillian Gish or Mary Pickford, but I think she still deserves to be recognized as one of the great actresses' of the silent era."
- Stuart Thomson

It is incomprehensible that Miss Puriance did not receive a star when they were initially placed. PLEASE correct this unfair and ignorant oversight." - Melissa Delgado

Edna Purviance is deserving, and the omission is an injustice." - D. Christian Anderson

There is no reason not to give her a star, she was one!!"- Jerry Ornstein

"She should get a star, was a huge fan of Chaplin films and she was part of the early work." - Zeus

"Chaplin + Edna = movie magic, come on Hollywood - Kenny Anderson

Edna with no star?! Unthinkable!" - Neil Weicher

I think a star honouring Edna Purviance would be welcomed and a fitting tribute to one of Cinemas early pioneers."- Paul Ashwell

"It's a shame that Edna has not still a star on the Walk of Fame!" - Alessio Magaddino

Edna is a STAR already." - Johnathan M. Hanic

"She was in, along with Eric Campbell, Chaplin's greatest silent films. Plus she was excellent as the lead in "A Woman from Paris". - Andrew Pirie

"I can't believe she doesn't have a star..." - Mary Calvin

"I'd LOVE to see Edna get a star!"- David Gasten

I always enjoyed Edna in anything she did. Especially A Woman of Paris. All those wonderful films she did in the earliest days of the industry. She was one of the true pioneers fo film. Let's all do something memorable for a wonderful lady!" - Tyrone Biljan

"A survivor amongst the extinct, Purviance is a living legend from the silent era." - Sally

Edna Purviance is one of Cinema´s most charming and important leading ladies. Her charming performances on film still continue to bring tears of laughter and joy to millions of people around the world today - more than 80 years after she retired from the silver screen. Edna is a legend and her role as Charlie Chaplin´s main leading lady should never be forgotten or underestimated. Edna Purviance was a true film star and deserves to be remembered as a STAR on The Hollywood Walk of Fame!" - Ingo Geirdal

"An amazing tragic lady who should be recognised." - Victoria Jones

"I can't think of Chaplin without Edna. I wish she had been in all his films. I fall in love with her every time I see his films. A star for Edna, please!!!" - Rory A. Palmieri

"Long overdue." - John Clark

"I am one of many who is able to see the power Edna had. It will be an injustice for such a great figure not to have any STAR for her on Hollywood Walk of Fame." - Shibly Ahmed

"Edna Purviance certainly deserves a star for all her great work in silent films." - Ed Lorusso

"She fully deserves a star. I own copies of nearly all her films." - Arnold L. Kerson

"The Walk of Fame should be more than a popularity contest, though Ms. Purvience was more than popular enough to warrant inclusion. It should also honor great work. Ms. Purvience qualifies on both counts!" - Christopher Bradley

"Great artiste!" - Salmi Mounir

"GIVE HER A STAR." - Jack Fitch

She is my grandfather's cousin and deserves this recognition!!!!" - Janean Ensign Nutter

"She is simply the best Chaplin co-star." - Razi Rizvi

Long overdue!" - Ed Hurley

"A beautiful and sexy lady in a quiet sort of way. A lovely actress. I can't believe she didn't have a star." - Pierre Guinle

Edna is my great, great, great aunt. I've seen and enjoyed a small portion of her films. I would love to see Aunty Edna's star on the Hollywood walk of fame." - Andrew Purviance

"The leading lady to one of the most famous star is history still does not have a star! How unbelievable!!!" - Casey

"Miss Purviance is an integral part of movie history, and it would be fitting for her to have her own star." - J.M. Moss

"A star for a star" - Adriana

"She was as big as Zeta-Jones in her time!" - Julie Moskal

"Wonderful woman...needs to be recognized" - Michael McNeely

Edna Purviance contributed immeasurably to the stature of Charlie Chaplin and to the quality of so many of his classic films!" - Dr. Andre Knechtl

The films she was in will remain with me forever, to remind me how simple but wonderful things can make me happy." - Youngheh G. Park

"Please get her a star! If Charlie and Jackie get one, she should too!" - Taylor

"A truly talented icon in the film industry she deserves this honor!" - Mariann Zonis-Schomp

"You gave Judge Judy a star...come on people get with it!!!" - Michael Marsh

"I'm sure in 60 years no one will remember who Renee Zellweger or any current star is. Ms. Purviance was a big name in the early days of filmmaking and people like Zellweger owe alot to those who paved the way to their multi-million dollar careers." - Jonie L. Brockmeyer

"If Sid Graumann knew about this..." - James Cashman

If anyone deserves a Star it should be Edna Purviance. She was one of Charlie Chaplin's leading ladies." - Edithe Di Giuro

"Edna was great in the old Chaplin flicks, she certainly deserves a star!" - Josh

"I would like to see Edna Purviance's star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. She was a great actress, she deserves the star." - Diana Ortiz

"She had the look and grace of drama and fitted it perfectly to comedy. She was Chaplin's straight woman." - A. Salimi

"She was my Angel." - Mathieu Brisset des Nos

"This is long past due!" - Arlene K. Witt

"So much of Chaplin's most famous earlier film work would not be the same if it wasn't for this wonderful artiste. Please place a star for Edna Purviance. To ignore her is to ignore the first chapter of the golden age of film history." - Edward Chandler

Please give Edna the Star recognition she deserves after all these many years."
- Martin Begendorf

"She did incredible work, and I admire my ansestors!!" - Biance Purviance

Such a monumental actress deserves to be immortalized!" - Josh Lin

A favourite from when I was a very small child." - Kaye Cornell

"She was and remains one of the most iconic figures of cinema's silent era."
- Steve Wickenden

A star for a star, I say. The lovely and talented Edna deserves one." - Ken Stockinger

"Edna Purviance deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her contributions to early Hollywood." - Roxanne de Winter

Charlie Chaplin is an icon of American film history and Edna Purviance was his longest lasting leading lady, and appeared opposite Chaplin in many of his most famous and acclaimed films. She surely deserves a star on the Walk Of Fame." - James Bazen

"Say "hi" to Charlie for me, Edna!" - Tom Oliver

She is without peers with her unique style" - Mr. Michael M. Milch M.A.

Edna Purviance is SO deserving. Cough it up, folks!"- Drew Powers

"A very lovely and wonderful actress. A natural talent during the silent era. She and Chaplin were the perfect match. She truly deserves a tribute!" - Noel Perillo

In Italy she is known as the only and great "Charlot partner". How come is fame is still disputed?" - Enrico

"I can't wait to see it!" - Jonathan Chauvin

If Regis Philbin and Trump can have one --- come on!" - Elina J. Filander

Just do it already, folks! Honor film history's leading ladies." - Thomas Stathes

Criminal that such a figure in film history has been neglected." - Michael

Hooray -- a lovely and talented actress!" - Eleanor Knowles Dugan

"She is part of Hollywood History!" - Sissy More

"We should honor Edna Purviance with a star - this is long overdue." - Peter J. Hamill

"A marvelous woman! She NEEDS a star!" - Marlene

"Her early pioneering in the film industry is most note worthy, as she acted such greats as Charley Chaplin and Broncho Billy Anderson at the Essanay Studios in Niles Ca. 1911 -1916. She was a natural actress which had a great career in her day..." - Bruce W. Cates

"I love Edna so she must be on the Walk of Fame" - Milley Sandrine

"Why not Edna?" - Brodie Cusack

"Well deserved." - Karl Hotyek, Jr.

"Let's make this happen. Edna is a great lady..let her work speak for itself! Great talent." - David Wayne Landreth

"It's sickening that this woman has no star, yet a handful of no talent actress's who have only down 3 or 4 movies have one." - Alicia Watiker

"You can find a poor excuse of a roll model and so-called entertaniner know as Britney Spears room on the walk and not room for the likes of EDNA is PATHETIC!!!" - Joseph & Barbara Pente

"Everyone wanted to see EDNA, not just CHAPLIN." - Richard Salierno

"She deserves a star more than most of the people who already have them." - Emmi Kelz

"I am surprised that she doesn't have one already. She absolutely deserves to be there!" - Jennifer Hodge

"She is so much associated with Chaplin....of course she should have recognition." - Kevin Allen

"Edna was watching me from the heaven and told me "I don't need the star" and i said "but you deserve that star my beautiful Edna." - Fran Rubio

"It's about time!" - Phil Roche

"So deserved!" - Vivienne Wright

After being Chaplin's leading lady for so many years, she definitely deserves the "Star".
- Frank Labrador

"She deserves this!!! THE best Chaplin leading lady!" - Cristina Gonzalez

As an UK citizen I am shocked that such a beautiful and gifted actress has not been adequately acknowledged in her home country." - Gareth John

"Keep Edna's Memory Alive. She hold's a special place in my heart!" - Karen Rinehart

She truly deserves it !!!!!" - Sissy Morehead

"Without Edna, Charlie would have been less funny, less endearing and just...less. Edna deserves a STAR!" - Jane Walker

"Edna Purviance and Charlie Chaplin had a chemistry that is undeniable. My nine year old son and I just watched one of their films together, and he loved it just as much as I do. Will we be able to say the same of modern films fifty or sixty years from now? Do the right thing: give Edna Purviance the star she most richly deserves." - Melody Siracusa

"Well deserved and long over due!!!" - Lauren Purviance

"Edna is a highly deserving actress, please add her star to the walk!" - Dr. Travis Gee

"Yes, it's time." - Ben Haines

"Long overdue!" - John Shetler

"She is an important part of hollywood history." - Daniel Shoemaker

"Edna deserves a star because she contributed to our history." - Maria Palacios

"Edna Purviance is a Star!" - Daniel Soares Bulsing

"Her face talks louder than words." - Carol Walker

"Chaplin's leading lady in dozens of films, and more so than any other actress." - Colin Walker

"She was brilliant and a great contribution to most of Chaplin's 1915-1923 shorts. She should have a star." - Michael O'Donnell

"Could not be more overdue. Her star power shines through effortlessly." - Vicky Blake

"She deserves a star!" - Renee Vanderslice

"Edna deserves this tribute to her many works." - Joe Rodriguez

"I love Chalie and Edna together forever" - Zenia Guevara

"If not, when?" - Oscar Zimerman

"She totally deserves it." - Sergio Fernández Cardona

"Edna Purviance definitely deserves recognition on the Hollywood Walk of Fame." - Dick Baldwin

"She is far more deserving than some current recepients! Long overdue, lets's make this right." - Carol McCracken

"A long overdue honor which should be bestowed on a talented actress." - L. Richard Scroggins

"A terrible oversight." - Carolyn Dougherty

"Edna Purviance is a true star." - Laurin McMiff

"She deserves to be there along with all of Chaplin's other girls. Love her!" - Tina Benitez

"These were the stars of my grandfather's time. Do they shine as bright? Would the heavens be the heavens without them? Give her this honor please!" - Richard Aubrey Payne

"What are these people waiting for? Edna should of had a star years ago." - Robert Hoover

"Chaplin's best leading lady and a star in her own right...." - Dr. Edward Lorusso

"This is long, long overdue!" - Evans Donnell

"What a beauty." - Larry Jones

"She must be there; after Paulette she's the cutest thing that has been on screen with Charle." - Nicolás Tallac

"Simply for eating all those many plates of beans in "the immigrant" she deserves that star already!" - Rita

"It's time!" - Vicky Endicott

"The best in the silent era." - Sekhar Rathinaraj

"She entertained me as a child and very much deserves a Star on the Walk of Fame." - George Lorton

"She was so amazing in these films she certainly deserves a star."- Michelle Hernamdez

"As Margaret Dumont was to Groucho Marx, so is Edna Purviance to Charlie Chaplin. Indeed, the Mutual films in which they appeared are still widely considered to be the best compilation of silent film shorts ever produced." - John Marentette

"Many years ago, the BBC used to show Chaplins movies. I think Edna must have been the first movie star I ever fell in love with!! Good luck with the petition." - Robert Roy

"I love edna purviance, she deserves a star" - Lucas Martin Balian De Salvo

"The brazilians love Edna!!" - Augusto Garia

"Increible que no la tenga! Se la merece!" - Elizabeth Morales

"Edna is one, if not "the" greatest of silent film comedians, and she is certainly the greatest of all of Chaplin's co-stars. She deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!" - Douglas Scharmann

"High time this lady gets the recognition she deserves. One of the few *believable* silent actresses." - Mary Betersal

"Absolutely well-deserved!" - Sylvia Seymour

"Simply superb in 'The Kid' and 'A Woman of Paris' not to mention all the earlier shorts" - Simon Futty

"Lesser stars have a star on the walk of fame." - Arvind Kumar

"What an outrage! She was Chaplin's greatest costar!" - Chris Guest

"Mi petici?n se basa en la gran actriz que fue Edna. Fundamental para la primera ?poca de Chaplin" - Pablo Veiga

"It is a tragedy that she hasn't already been included. She was a true pioneer and should not be forgotten!" - Tom Henry

"One of the most important figures in Film History most definitely deserves a Star and it would be better late than never!" - Timothy Kerley

"One of the greats, as big as they get at her time." - Harry K. Myers

"Give this star her honor amongst her peers!" - Tony Wynn

"Long overdue." - Joe Santangelo

"Please correct this historic injustice." - James Province

"Go Edna, I'm suprised she's not already on the Walk of Fame, tsk tsk Hollywood!" - John Hicks

"I'd say she deserves this more than a lot who already have star." - Carl Wilson

"This artist has been overlooked for far too long and should be given the recognition she deserves by her community. - Gillian Potter-Merrigan

"Is the best!" - Demetrio Paz Mtz.

"Edna Purviance is as deserving as anyone currently on the Walk of Fame. She should have been immortalized a long, long time ago. Do the right thing and add Edna's star." - Timothy S. Jones

"Go, Edna, you go girl." - Mark Freeman

"Edna deserves a star on the walk of fame!" - Darren Nemeth

"It's about time..." - Doug O'Connell

"She had more leading lady roles in Charlie Chaplin films than any other female actress in history." - James Marguardt

"A star has never been more deserved!" - Patricia Fradette

"The glaring omission of a tribute to Edna on the Walk of Fame is hard to understand. She richly deserves to be there." - Molly Torra

"She deserves a star! Charlie would be the first to acknowledge her talent." - Gavin Culloty

"That Charlie Chaplin's most frequent leading lady has no Star on the Walk of Fame is a shocking oversight." - Darryl L. Conner

"This is long, long overdue!" - Evans Donnell

"One of the greats, as big as they get at her time." - Harry K. Myers

After all these years, Edna's smile still brightens the spirits of movie lovers." - Edward Schober

"For God's sake, Ryan Seacrest has a star... let's honor this poor woman finally!" - Robert Morley

"A Die Hard Chaplin Fan who recognizes Edna's Contribution." - Haresh Makwama

Edna was certainly one of the female pioneers of film, and more than deserving of a star."
- David Kaye

"The most universally recognizable human on the face of the earth only had one other person with him consistently during this rise. Her face was seen nearly as often as his in all these films that made him famous. So what is the holdup with giving her a star? Lesser known faces and names from the times have stars! Why the foot dragging? Come on and give her her dues. Please Hollywood, don't do to Edna what the US did to Charlie in 1952!"

- Kerrie Vergeer

Thank you, Linda, for making us aware of this oversight!"
- Jane L. Bartholomew - Kansas Silent Festival

(note: Thank you for signing and thanks to Mahendra Prasad and his group from Facebook for starting the drive. Interest in Edna is an important part of this and we are happy to help spread the word and help Edna get her recognition. - Linda Wada, ednapurviance.org)

"This honor is long overdue for Edna Purviance."
Mahendra Prasad - creator of Edna Walk of Fame Drive

Special Edna fans of note: Cecilia Cenciaelli (The Chaplin Archives), David W. Toll (Edna supporter and Nevada Writer), Kathy Purviance, Elizabeth Purviance, Phillip Purviance, John Purviance, Marsha Collock, Lisa Burks, Rita Eberle, Wesley & Linda Wada (ednapurviance.org)

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Also, learn more about Edna and her lost Chaplin film
The Sea Gull "AWoman of the Sea"- by Linda Wada
is available to order at our new ednapurviance.com site.

The Sea Gull is the first book to feature Edna Purviance and her lost Chaplin film production "A Woman of the Sea" - Direct by Josef von Sternberg

ALSO! The Discovered Films of Edna's Private Film!

Check out this UK site: Hollywood USA
about the names and locations of the Stars on the Walk of Fame


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