Edna Purviance

Chaplin Festival

Royal National Hotel
London, England - May 19, 2001
Chaplin Festival May 2001

Visiting after the day event.

Photo: Left to Right -
Linda Wada, Peter Jewell, Dominique Dugros,
and Garen Ewing.

Stephen Burstin - Chairman of "Chaplin Society"

Thanks to
Garen Ewing,
web site creator for
"Chaplin U.K.",
for helping make
Edna Purviance site
a reality.

Dominique Dugros and Garen Ewing

Also, thanks to
Garen Ewing,
Dominique Dugros,
and Stephen Burstin,
Chairman of the
"Chaplin Society",
for their encouragement
on my research.

And finally,
my husband,
Wes Wada
for all his help.

Translator of Edna's French site
Dominique Dugros

Edna's Web site creator
Linda Wada

Chaplin Festival Group
Thanks to Peter, Dominique, Garen, the Burstins and the Brooks for a memorable day .

Thanks to Stephen and Barbara Burstin for such a
warm welcome at the
Chaplin Festival
Spring 2001.

Festival photos by Wes Wada.

And a special thanks to Wes Wada
for all his editing help.

Special Thanks to Jo Anne Cordis (L), Rita Eberle and the whole staff at - Central Oregon Community College Library

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Linda Wada, Barbara Burstin, Mr. Brooks and Sam
Linda, Barbara Burtsin, Mr. Brooks and Sam

Fran Krogstad -
for some sunny photos of
Paradise Valley

Thanks to the Paradise Bar and local post office

Thanks to the owner of Edna's homesite for his time and all the other nice folks in Paradise, Lovelock and Winnemucca.

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When in Northern Nevada visit Humboldt County Museum in Winnemucca, Nevada
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