Snowleopardsaurus (Prehistoric India)
By Linda Wada for RO Fun Pack One
(Prehistoric cousin to current Snow Leopard)
Lived in the valleys in the lower Himalayas, but fossils found throughout India.

True or Myth?
India legend says, a small pocket of them believed to still existed in a hidden valley in India in 1880s, where a noted mysterious 'rainbow orchid' was once seen.

About this drawing:
This drawing was found in a cave by a British Research Team for the British Nature Museum, in June of 1969. It was located inside a small container, dating from the 1920s. How it got there, the team is still trying to figured out. The only clue to who might have created it, are the letters 'by N' but the rest of the letters have faded.

The numbers found on the drawing are being studied for clues of why their existence. One theory is, the numbers are some sort of 'connect the dots by numbers' but that is only one theory. Most scientists believe the numbers must have had something to do with size and shape of the prehistoric creature, as studied from fossils found in the same cave.

Currently, it is in the 'unsolved mystery file' at The Rainbow Orchid headquarters in England for further study.

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