Garen Ewing
creator of The Rainbow Orchid
"Imagination to Print"
interview with host Linda Wada

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Recorded: April 28, 2009
‘Imagination to Print' – Launched: May 31, 2009
Interview with Garen Ewing
Creator of The Rainbow Orchid The Adventures of Julius Chancer
Host - Linda Wada, Table Chat – Total run time: 1:14:48

Introduction - (6 second silent start)
Drawing in Childhood
• Comic books that influence Garen
• Interest in Lost World Stories

First time (the host) learned about Garen drawing comics

The Rainbow Orchid - :09:25
• Summary of the story and the flower the Rainbow Orchid
• Mixing of real and fictional history
• Creating scenes
• Use of Dialogue
• Creating Fonts
• Changing Text (Greek to Me)
• Colouring

Characters - :27:40
• Writing comedy
• Personalities for characters
• Developing characters during the creation

Comic strips for other Rainbow Orchid characters
• Lily Lawrence and William Pickle comics

Publication History (self-publishing to Egmont UK) - :42:37

First printing in early comic publications (Jason Cobley BAM - starting April 2002)
• The Rainbow Orchid first web appearances

Garen's first paperback edition of Part One (Printed and release by Garen October 2003)
• The Rainbow Orchid black and white edition with colour cover
• Testing the waters as a professional comic artist
• Thoughts on being an artist
• Thoughts about TINTIN comparison to The Rainbow Orchid

Change over to Web comic

Last Rainbow Orchid episode printed in another comic book
(1st episode of Part Two in Barry Renshaw's Fusion)

First Serious Offer
• Agents (how his first offer lead to having his first agent and the developments that followed)

Special Hardbound Collector's Edition
(Garen's all colour limited edition of 52 copies of Part One printed fall 2007)

Announcement of Publication with Egmont
• Other Offers
• Working with a publishing company

Future of the Julius Chancer Adventures (Exclusive with Table Chat) – 1:10:15

Special Thank-you and closing

Thank you for listening and we hope you enjoyed our first joint adventure in creating our first auto interview (My first podcast and Garen’s first auto interview.) This was created as a conversation about the creation and history of The Rainbow Orchid in celebration of its publication. - Linda Wada, Table Chat 

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