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All information on the books are for the books pictured. Listed are the ones in The Chaplin Library only. We will update the pages as new e-books arrive.
HB - Hardback PB - Paperback
David Kent Henry

ENGLISH - 2005
Charlie Chaplin
By David Kent Henry
Adobe PDF documen
e-book - 232 Pages - Illustrated

The very first E-book in our Library. We are interested if anyone knows of any other e-books on Chaplin.

Martin Heyer GERMAN - 2005
Die Propagandafilm von Charlie Chaplin
By Martin Heyer
Grin verlag 2005
e-book - 28 Pages -No Illustrations

Claudia Sieber GERMAN - 2004
Mir gehört die Welt. Die Figur Hynkel in Chaplins
"Der grosse Diktator" und ihr
Traum von der Weltherrschaft

By Claudia Sieber
Grin verlag 2004
e-book - 18 Pages -No Illustrations

Nikola Weiss
GERMAN - 2001
Lachen Über das Grauen? Die Komik in
Chaplins Der grosse Diktator

By Nikola Weiss

Grin verlag 2001
e-book - 27 Pages -No Illustrations

Bisrat Wolday
GERMAN - 2003
Über das Märchenhafte bei
Charles Chaplins am Beispiel von Modern Times
By Bisrat Wolday
Grin Verlag 2003
e-book - 16 Pages -No Illustrations


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