Interview with
Garen Ewing
author and creator of
the Adventures of Julius Chancer

(January 10, 1913 - audio interview - 1 hour 9 minutes)

The Complete Rainbow Orchid
with host Linda Wada

Date launched: February 5, 2013
Illustration by L. Wada - Jan. 2013 (pencil, ink and watercolour)
January 10, 2013, I had the great pleasure of continuing my interview with author and creator of The Rainbow Orchid, Garen Ewing.

In my first interview with Garen Ewing in April 2009, Garen was just a few weeks away from seeing his first printed book (Volume One) from Egmont UK. During that interview, we covered the background history of The Rainbow Orchid and how Garen started working in comics.

In this January 2013 interview, we start off where we left off, with the completion of The Complete Rainbow Orchid.

Included in this conversation, we talk about finishing the book, promoting it, foreign editions, special research projects, comic workshops and the future of this book and Julius Chancer.

This January 2013 interview is
1 hour and 9 minutes. You can pause at any point. So grab your favorite beverage and have a listen I hope you enjoy our chat, as much as I have.

Many thanks again to Garen, for sharing his valuable time with us.

Also, here is a link to my first interview with Garen Ewing on April 28, 2009 (1 hour and 15 minutes).

UPDATES since the interview:
The Rainbow Orchid is shipped and available around the world.

August 2013: LATEST JULIUS CHANCER STORY: "The Secret of the Samurai" by Garen Ewing is available in special bundle set from THE PHOENIX (UK weekly children's comic)! It is in four issues, starting with #75-#78. I have the story and it's a great one to add to your Julius Chancer collection.

Live in the US? Write to Big Planet Comic for ordering!

For USA listeners, here is a list of on site Barnes & Nobles stores it is available.
Update! Unless a few hiding, now showing out of stock on my Barnes and Nobles list.

Also, The Rainbow Orchid is available at Amazon USA: Vol. 1 | Vol. 2 | Vol. 3 | Complete

Check Garen's Adventures of Julius Chancer website for the latest in his upcoming projects.

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