A look at Edna Purviance, silent movie star and leading lady for 34 Charlie Chaplin films from 1915-1923. Biography, filmography, and notes of interest.

Edna Purviance English Site
Edna Purviance, Charlie Chaplin's Leading Lady - Welcome to Paradise

Edna Purviance's official site explores the birthhome and life of Edna Purviance, Charles Chaplin's most enduring and endearing leading lady.

Born October 21st, 1895, Edna Purviance lived a few years in ParadiseValley before moving to Lovelock, Nevada. You will learn more about Edna and her family life in Nevada and beyond. Edna's site led to Edna's grand nieces, the last family members who actually knew Edna personally.

In September 2006, our company Leading Ladies (Hill Family and Linda Wada) presented in Hollywood the first documentary on Edna Purviance, with Lita as special guest. In October 2011, the documentary showed at the Charlie Chaplin International Conference in Zaneville, Ohio. And in November and December 2013, spend sometime in the UK doing some research for the project.

Edna Purviance Lost Film
In January 2008, we released "The Sea Gull "A Woman of the Sea." Top reviews from Kevin Brownlow to Leonard Maltin. Book about Edna's lost starring film, directed by Josef Von Sternberg, but never released and destroyed by producer Charles Chaplin

With Chaplin devotee Dominique Dugros, we have the Chaplin Library with over 800 books at the Chaplin Library Database. No one has done as my research on Edna, so the most will be coming in the bio. Meanwhile, enjoy your visit today! - Linda Wada & Dominique Dugros

Edna Purviance French Site

Edna Purviance
webmaster & researcher Linda Wada
15 years researching Edna Purviance, author of The Sea Gull

Links to Articles: Edna's family and life in Nevada

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Edna Purviance
Official Website of Edna Purviance since 2001
January 23, 2023

Latest February 2021 Update
Latest update to the Database for Dominique's Chaplin Library

History of Edna's former Lovelock home
Edna's family home and business was torn down in 1946, by a family who never knew Edna lived there. An expansion project for the former Up to Date Laundry building, took over the space in 1947. Leaving an once garden in half ot the former hotel's 25 foot wide lot. Today, some people believe the former Up To Date Laundry was connected to Edna. The connection was never a home, but a building that had several different businesses, that Edna grew up next to. In that it does make that building special. But it is NOT Edna's home. More on Edna's Nevada homes below.

First Complete Draft is finished!
Edna Purviance's Family Bio!
Working on the draft, so no release date at this time.
Edna Purviance Family Biography
Immigrant family from England moving to the American west & the life that led one grandchild,
to being a silent star with Charlie Chaplin.

Video highlight of Lovelock & Reno October Events

Another NOT Edna Purviance

The Pilgrim Comparison
Joao Santos' comparison between the Official & earlier Russian verison

Seen The Kid? Comparing different versions!

Latest Mutual Films from Flicker Alley!
with Edna Purviance and Charlie Chaplin

- Special Collectors Edition

Re-visiting London - includes Charlie Chaplin's Statue
Bill Douglas Cinema Museum in Exeter & Cinema Museum in London
Part One

Edna's Youtube videos on RAF Museum, Chaplin's statue, Cinema Museum & Tour & more!

Special post on identifying people: Morgan vs. Morgan

More Links & Silent Film News
Chance to see The Salvation Hunters!
Enjoyed Fatty Arbuckle films on TCM? Get the full DVD collection!
90th Anniversary of 'A Woman of Paris' contest! And the winner IS!!!!
Identifying Edna Purviance! Take the test, see the results!
Know every scene in Charlie Chaplin's films? Take the quiz!

'THE KID' - Three different versions

A Rose for Edna:
Edna Tribute

Glendale, California
Lisa's Article

Rare picture and article on
Hetty Kelly

(During Hetty Ketty's USA visit!)

1926 - 2009
Charlie Chaplin's son

The Fireman A Closer Look & 'The Kid' Revisited

Events and Festivals

Rainer Mann Tour

UK Amazon link for Chaplin DVDs!


Charlie brother's film list
Sydney Chaplin's Films

Dominique's Chaplin Library
Chaplin Library - Nearly 900 BOOKS!
Database Updated September 2022 -
Chaplin Library Database!

Charlie Chaplin DVD Films and Documentary Collections
Charlie Chaplin DVD Guide

John Schwally
FDR's Secret Air Force

Jack Squire films in FDR Secret Air Force
with Jack Squire's films

Lita Hill - Edna's grand niece

Lita Hill Videos

The Sea Gull
A Woman of the Sea
By Linda Wada
in association with Lita & Ellie of former Leading Ladies.

"the love and dedication that went into this project is evident on every page..."

Film critic, Leonard Maltin

Comments from Readers

Laura Ramie's Mural
Edna Purviance and Charlie Chaplin
Full Mural
in Niles


Lovelock Walking Tour Brochure
Edna Purviance's hometown
Lovelock, Nevada
Walking Tour Brochure

Discovered Personal Films of Edna Purviance!

Edna Purviance and her husband,  Jack Squire
The first films ever found from Edna Purviance's private life!

Silver City, IdahoLovelock Nevada
Edna's mother's home Edna's family home

banner for Silver City and Lovelock Nevada Home

Edna Purviance's father, MADISON GATES PURVIANCE
Madison Gates Purviance

Edna Purviance's introduction to family

Family Background

Remains of Edna's home
Flash Section Retired
Edna's Nevada

Great Basin

Great Basin - Edna's Nevada

Charlie and Edna

Edna's Links Page

Charlie Chaplin
includes the Edna Purviance Collection in London & related stories

Charlie Discovers Edna Purviance- 1915

Chaplin Statue London - Photo Linda Wada

Charlie Chaplin Wives PLUS Chaplin's Family
Charlie Chaplin Wives
Mildred Harris, Lita Grey, Paulette Goddard and Oona O'Neil.
The most asked question on Edna's site!

Charlie Chaplin stamps
Charlie Chaplin Stamps
Collection de Dominique Dugros

Smile plus Lyrics Page
Charlie Chaplin Smile
Plus Lyrics from The Circus, Pilgrim, more!
Chaplin Composed Music Lyrics

Sydney Chaplin, Charlie Chaplin's brother

Sydney Chaplin
Charlie's brother

Dinky and Charlie

Dinky Tribute plus
Fan Tributes

Charlie Chaplin film list

Charlie Chaplin Film List

Great Basin


group in London



Charlie Chaplin Book and Music Guide
Kevin Brownlow and David Gill: Hollywood Series Collection

USA Guide to Chaplin books and music

Garen Ewing's Graphic Novel, The Rainbow Orchid
Garen Ewing Interview

April 2009
(1 hour and16 minutes)

 Garen Ewing inteview one
Imagination to Print
In April 2009, Garen was close to seeing his first book from
Egmont UK...

In January 2013, we picked up where we left off, as Garen finished
Complete Rainbow Orchid!

Over 32,000 listeners for Part 1!
Garen Ewing Interview

January 2013
(1 hour and 09 minutes)

Garen Ewing's Charlie Chaplin UK DVD and Video Guide and Shop
Silent film fan, comic artist & author, Garen Ewing, give Edna Purviance a tribute in
his published graphic novel, The Rainbow Orchid, the Adventures of Julius Chancer.
Special thanks goes to Garen, for inspiring Edna Purviance's website in the fall of 2001.

Edna Extras!
Edna Purviance
Family Biography

Updates on the work on
Edna's 2nd book

'A Woman of Paris'
special article written by former Chaplin UK creator Garen Ewing

Chaplin's Leading Ladies!
Also visit Garen's Charlie Chaplin Leading Ladies postcard collection!

More Extras!
Special Edna Tribute
Late Edna fan, Mark McKenzie
Sept. 2014: Grand View Sold!

David Raksin Tribute
Passed away August 9, 2004
Marilyn Nash died - 1926-2011

Guess who was in the
Chaplin Studio 3D Film Test

Bernd's Chaplin Stamps
Check out Bernd Kunze
collection and list of over 200!
and his
Chaplin Figures

Niles Essanay Museum
Festival & Events
Niles, California


Have You Seen These
Charlie Chaplin Dolls?


Charlie Chaplin
Keystone Films
USA/UK/European - DVD & Blu-Ray

Sydney Chaplin

Sydney Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin's brother,
Sydney Chaplin. Edna's special tribute to Sydney Chaplin

English | French

Wheeler Dryden

Wheeler Dryden

Special tribute page to Wheeler Dryden, Charlie and Sydney Chaplin's half brother. (Mother - Hannah Chaplin)


Chaplin's London Statue

Charlie Chaplin's bronze statue in Leicester Square in London, England

Charlie Chaplin's statue in
Leicester Square in London

Charlie Chaplin London Statue

Comments about Edna Over the Years
See EDNA'S PLACE for more artcles
Member of the Former Chaplin Society

The Chaplin Society
I have a Edna Page on Facebook for those who like to 'connect'

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