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Edna Purviance Page File
Edna Purviance French Language Site
Edna Purviance Films from late 1930s to early 1940s
Introduction Bio on Edna Purviance
Paradise Valley, Nevada
Lovelock, Nevada - History of Edna's Home
Lovelock, Nevada Walking Tour Brochure
Edna's Mother Family Background
Edna's Father - Madison Gate Purviance
Edna's Family - The Hills - Italy and London Tour
(see more Lita videos below)
Cinecon 42 - Hollywood, California - Edna documentary premiere
With Extra Images
Silver City, Idaho
Charlie Discover Edna: Chance and Speculation
Edna Purviance Film Career - Starring Charlie Chaplin
Film List
Edna's Extras - Tributes
Edna's Extras - Legal Information
Charlie Chaplin
Edna's Extras - Charlie Chaplin Leading Ladies
Edna's Extras - DVDs, Videos, Books and Music
Charlie Chaplin Music and Book Guide USA
Charlie Chaplin Library
Collection de Dominique Dugros - Open July 30, 2005
Charlie Chaplin Library - Latest Updates
Charlie Chaplin DVD and Video Guide USA
Edna's Extras - Charlie Chaplin Wives
Edna's Extras - A London Journey
Collection de Dominique Dugros - French Site
Nevada Great Basin Photo Tour
30 pages of photos and information about Northern Nevada
Short Flash Movies and Videos
Lita Hill - Edna Purviance's grand niece - Videos
Links Page
Credit Page


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